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Written by Ryan Fyfe

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Relative - A relative web directory will contain information and links to websites that are all to do with one topic. An example would be a Weight Loss directory that contains only information and links to sites that have something to do with Weight Loss.

General - A general web directory is a site that will contain links and information to do with all types of categories. It will usually be arranged topically to allow ease of use in finding exactly what you want. The biggest and one ofrepparttar most used directories is, which contains links and information to thousands of different sites, all arranged into categories.

I would recommend checking out a few of these sites, and really trying them out for yourself to see which one will be suit your needs. Iíve found that each site can be used most effectively in different situations. Happy information finding!

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Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Web Design Calgary. He is also actively involved in: Enter Inside. Which is a great web directory and information center for all types of topics.

IKANO Communications Secures $16.5 Million in Funding

Written by Debra Labelle

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About IKANO Stemming fromrepparttar classical Greek word meaning, ďto enable,Ē IKANO isrepparttar 137035 market-leading enabler of private-label Internet services. IKANO partners with Internet Service Providers to help reduce operating costs, increase revenue and expand geographic reach/product offering. IKANO isrepparttar 137036 parent company of SISNA, one ofrepparttar 137037 nationís original Internet Service Providers; Interhop/auracom, offering ISP franchises and consumer Internet services throughout Canada; and HOTSPOTZZ, one ofrepparttar 137038 largest private providers of Wi-Fi hot spots. IKANO served asrepparttar 137039 official network provider forrepparttar 137040 2002 Winter Olympic Games. For more information visit

About Hercules Technology Growth Capital Hercules Technology Growth Capital is a leading specialty finance company focused on providing growth capital to technology and life sciences companies at all stages of development. Hercules Technology investment professionals have 145 collective years of experience in venture capital, operating, specialized technology lending, acquisition finance and leveraged leasing experience. Hercules Technology has offices located in Palo Alto, CA.; Boston, MA.; and Chicago, IL. Additional information can be found at:

About the author Debbie LaBelle IKANO Communications Marketing & PR Director (801) 415-8076

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