Heavy Truck Accidents and Unneccessary Deaths and Serious Injuries

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speeding, running offrepparttar road travel out lane failure to yield

But atrepparttar 119236 root of those causes of heavy truck accidents is often driver fatigue.

"The Safety Board investigated 113 single-vehicle heavy truck accidents in whichrepparttar 119237 driver survived. However, becauserepparttar 119238 96-hour duty/sleep history that was required forrepparttar 119239 study was not available for 6 drivers,repparttar 119240 6 accidents in which these drivers were involved were not included inrepparttar 119241 study. The study, therefore, analyzes data from 107 single-vehicle heavy truck accidents."

Based onrepparttar 119242 results ofrepparttar 119243 analysis,repparttar 119244 NTSB determined that fatigue is a key factor in heavy truck accidents, that hours of service regualtions are a key to preventing heavy truck accidents, that improved education of heavy-truck drivers is important in implementing improved safety about fatigue,

How isrepparttar 119245 cause of a heavy truck accident determined?

Inspectrepparttar 119246 heavy truck including mechanics, tires, brakes Interview witnesses Review police reports Obtain weather report and determine driving conditions

What to do if you were in a heavy truck accident?

When a person is injured or killed in a heavy truck accident they may be able to holdrepparttar 119247 driver and heavy trucking company responsible, as well asrepparttar 119248 companies on whose bahlf a delivery is being made. The damages may include: Wrongful death Physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and physical impairment; Medical and hospital expenses Wage loss and lost earning capacity

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Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Fatigue

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How common is it for a truck driver to fall asleep atrepparttar wheel?

Inrepparttar 119235 Journal of Public Health Policy, in 1992, a report showed that 1 in 5 truck drivers had been so fatigued that they had fallen asleep atrepparttar 119236 wheel.

What is truck driver fatigue?

Fatigue is a broad term and includes being "sleepy", "tired" or "exhausted". This applies not only torepparttar 119237 performance of physical activity, but to mental activity as well. Thus,repparttar 119238 decision making capabilities of a truck driver can be impared along with coordination. Fatigue can severely impair judgment. In addition,repparttar 119239 more tired you become,repparttar 119240 less likely you will be to recognize that you are tired. What arerepparttar 119241 warning sigs of truck driver fatigue? yawning lack of concentration red eyes anxiousness restlessness drowsiness impaired reaction time attention deficit irritability large steering corrections missing road signs lane drift

What arerepparttar 119242 high risk times for truck driver fatigue-related fatal crashes?

Studies show that fatal fatigue-related accidents tend to occur between 10pm-6am (during normal human sleep hours), and 1pm-3pm (after a heavy lunch). These times ofrepparttar 119243 day coincide with dips inrepparttar 119244 body's circadian rhythms, and with drops in blood sugar, which are part ofrepparttar 119245 human makeup.

Will these new regualtions cut down on fatal crashes due to truck driver fatigue?

The FMCSA estimates that 75 lives will be saved each year and 1,326 fatigue-related tractor-trailer truck accidents will be prevented annually.

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