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Written by Crusty Villa

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Anthrax We've Come For You All. Some words that describe this CD are renaissance, fresh spurt or new energy. The vocals of Scott Ian, Frank Bello, and John Bush are clear and articulate, which makesrepparttar track "Safe Home" especially awesome. It is hard to compare this CD to other "sound like" CD's because ofrepparttar 125498 dissimilar tracks. One track sounds like speed metal thenrepparttar 125499 next track switches to just metal. (Reviewers favorite track is "What Doesn't Die".)

Crusty Villa is a devoted metal head who does metal music reviews for www.evilbmx.biz. Evilbmx Clothing Company markets clothing and other products for the BMX industry. You can find Crusty's Metal Music Review on the Evilbmx e-zine, which can be found at http://evilbmx.biz/evilezine/id3.html

May the best man whine

Written by Christopher Ford

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Rings on finger, sweat marks under control, we were called through torepparttar reception area. The food, likerepparttar 125497 day, was immaculate. Disappointingly,repparttar 125498 reception was dry. I think I had uncovered some rum inrepparttar 125499 cheesecake, but was far from break dancing whenrepparttar 125500 band came on. We respectedrepparttar 125501 familyís religion, and I mingled withrepparttar 125502 guests discussing how smoothlyrepparttar 125503 day had run.

Suddenly, conversation quieted, and all attention turned torepparttar 125504 groom. I became very concerned why he had pulled what looked to be 3 to 4 sheets of handwritten paper from his pocket. Confused at how many people he could possibly have to toast, I pulledrepparttar 125505 empty lining of my pockets to indicate how many sheets I didnít have.

If looks could kill, I would have made a widow of his bride before heíd put down his punch. Hastily, I scribbled down some thoughts on a napkin, but knew it would take a miracle to pull this off.

50 minutes and 7 sheets of handwritten paper later, I was asked to takerepparttar 125506 floor to a rapturous applause. Allrepparttar 125507 fruit punch in Florida couldnít have stopped my mouth from drying up as I confrontedrepparttar 125508 room full of 200-strong unsuspecting guests, all thirsty for a good laugh.

I have chosen not to reiterate what was actually said that day. I have also chosen not to watchrepparttar 125509 wedding video, or speak torepparttar 125510 groom again. If there was a spade to hand, I would have first struckrepparttar 125511 groom with it, and then proceed to dig a hole large enough to climb in. But there wasnít. What there was however, were coughs, sighs, and one heckle requesting that I ďgot on with itĒ, because that particular gentlemen didnít have all day. This was of no comfort to me, nor were my words of any comfort torepparttar 125512 bride,repparttar 125513 groom, or anyone else. I will remain thankful however, torepparttar 125514 waitress who let out one solitary clap atrepparttar 125515 end of my speech, and torepparttar 125516 inventor ofrepparttar 125517 hotel mini-bar.

I learned some valuable lessons that day. For one, Americans donít understandrepparttar 125518 northeastern accent, nor do they appreciate sarcastic comments in jest about a groomís sexuality. Butrepparttar 125519 most important lesson learned that day, was to prepare and research for a speech. Not just your words, but also your audience. Until you do that, do not even consider mentioningrepparttar 125520 time you discovered your best friend burping his worm over Yasmine Bleeth, unless your absolutely sure it will get a laugh.

Male, 24 new to the writing industry and looking to develop my cynical approach to the world.

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