Heavenly Bahamas Honeymoon Resorts

Written by Randy Wilson

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Fine dining is an essential ingredient to a Bahamas honeymoon package. Restaurants offering gourmet preparation ofrepparttar freshest local seafood prevail onrepparttar 148628 islands. Often spicy and always flavorful, Bahamian cuisine combines elements from aroundrepparttar 148629 world. The resulting seafood dishes are unlike anything else.

For more upbeat entertainment, casinos and nightclubs are a common scene onrepparttar 148630 islands. If you and your loved one would like to party withrepparttar 148631 pack, be sure your Bahamas honeymoon package puts you near one ofrepparttar 148632 more enlivened districts. If crowds are not your thing, don't fret. Plenty of secluded Bahamas honeymoon resorts are set peacefully apart fromrepparttar 148633 masses, diligently catering to that special romantic moment, every moment ofrepparttar 148634 day.

Bahamas is a sovereign nation, which means there are some minor restrictions involved with entry. The premium tourism destination that it is, however, meansrepparttar 148635 rules are lenient and there isn't much to be concerned with for typical Bahamas honeymoons. A passport and visa aren't usually required, but verify with your travel agent exactly what paperwork you should bring to stay out of trouble. And most importantly of all, have fun!

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Marriage or Divorce ó Check Your Social Security Number

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Similarly, after a divorce, a woman who had taken her husbandís name and had made that change known torepparttar SSA should contactrepparttar 148243 SSA if she reassumes a previous name. Failure to take this action can lead to audits. Can you imagine going through an audit with your former spouse?

It's easy to informrepparttar 148244 SSA of a name change by filing Form SS-5 at a local SSA office. It usually takes two weeks to haverepparttar 148245 change verified. The form is available onrepparttar 148246 agency's Web site, www.ssa.gov, by calling toll free 1-800-772-1213 and at local offices. The SSA Web site providesrepparttar 148247 addresses of local offices.

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