Heartworms alert - know the warning signs to save your pets health!

Written by S.A. Smith

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The best approach to dealing withrepparttar risk of heartworms is through and active prevention program. Prevention isrepparttar 125842 key to controlling and avoidingrepparttar 125843 health problems associated with these highly contagious and common parasites. A simple oral medication administred once a month is all it takes to protect your pets fromrepparttar 125844 damaging effects of heartworm infestation. For more specific information on treatment and prevention methods visit: http://www.pet-medicine-meds.com/heartworms.htm

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S.A. Smith is a freelance writer, contributor, and editor of the Pet Medicine MEDS resource site and can be reached at http://www.pet-medicine-meds.com

What Footsie taught us !

Written by graham and julie

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All was not lost though becauserepparttar young man had fallen in love with Footsie and decided to keep him. He took Footsie home and he and his wife immediately fell in love with her. Unfortunately their female dog didnít. She played hell. She gave Footsie a very hard time and did not likerepparttar 125841 invasion of her space and territory. So after a night of constant fighting and quarrelling betweenrepparttar 125842 dogsrepparttar 125843 young couple decided, regrettably, Footsie had to go back to Paula.

So, four days and many experiences later, Footsie returned to Paula. She was so happy to see her and back torepparttar 125844 office andrepparttar 125845 car at night.

When Paula was explainingrepparttar 125846 experience to Julie onrepparttar 125847 telephone, guess what! Julie said, Oh! Sheís such a sweet thing, weíll have her.

We have had her for all of 18 hours now and what an animal. She walked in as if she had always lived here, put her footmarks everywhere, ate some supper, watchedrepparttar 125848 football match whilst sitting on my foot cushion and has carried on as though she has always been here.

This made us think of us human beings. Would we have behaved in this way? Or would we be bitching and slating people and telling everyone what a bad world it was and how terrible people are.

Footsie taught us three things:

1.how important it is to keep your self respect, no matter what, and respect others, no matter what.

2.live inrepparttar 125849 present. Itís no good being wedded to what you told yourself you were going to do atrepparttar 125850 beginning ofrepparttar 125851 day.

3.the way to people hearts is through giving. In her case, giving love. Just give love and donít expect anything in return and you will gain allrepparttar 125852 benefits.

Itís a Doggy story but Footsie has taught us all, and weíre sure thereís more to come.

Good Luck

Graham and Julie www.desktop-meditation.com

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