Heartworm Treatment for cats and dogs

Written by Niall Kennedy

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The treatment for heartworms in cats may be no treatment. Cats are very hard to treat for heartworms. The side effects ofrepparttar dying worms cause at least one third ofrepparttar 125833 cats treated life threatening problems. Cats can not also take some ofrepparttar 125834 medications available for eliminating heartworms. Your veterinarian will have to do many tests to determine if your cat should undergo treatment.

As with all disease prevention is better thanrepparttar 125835 treatment. Before your pet can get heartworm disease talk with your veterinarian and find medications that can prevent heartworms in your pet from ever happening.

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Best Age to Obtain an new puppy

Written by Pixiedust Papillons And Phalenes

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Some papillon and phalene breeders claim they need to keep papillon or phalene puppies longer to determine if they are show quality-this often means they are hoping for a fault to disappear or are hoping that an expected fault does not crop up. However, there is evidence thatrepparttar structure of a papillon or phalene puppy at 8 weeks old isrepparttar 125832 same structurerepparttar 125833 papillon or phalene dog will have as an adult, AND there is no way to be sure of coat and show worthiness until papillons and phalenes are 2 years old--so keeping Papillon or Phalene puppies 4 to 6 months serves no purpose for either a pet or show. Some papillon and phalene dog breeders say thatrepparttar 125834 new owners have no ability to care for so young a puppy. Yet, they will say that they love to play with new papillon or phalene puppies and seerepparttar 125835 personality emerge. We at Pixiedust feel thatrepparttar 125836 new owner CAN care for a papillon or phalene puppyrepparttar 125837 same as any breeder andrepparttar 125838 new owner DESERVES to enjoy and help shaperepparttar 125839 puppy personality to fitrepparttar 125840 owner and his life schedules. Some papillon and phalene breeders have gone torepparttar 125841 extreme of saying there is no bonding process--that Papillon or Phalene Puppies will love all people equally. There is just too much evidence from research and owners alike that completely disprove this false statement. While older Papillons or Phalenes may become "generalized" and like any owner who treats it kindly, this is NOTrepparttar 125842 same as that special bond developed between young puppies and a devoted owner. Older Papillons and Phalenes can and do become special pets, but again, this is not exactlyrepparttar 125843 same asrepparttar 125844 bonding for young puppies. There are cases where Papillon or Phalene puppies may be too tiny to place at an early age, For good breeders of Papillons and Phalenes, this should berepparttar 125845 exception, notrepparttar 125846 rule. Any good breeder of Papillons and Phalenes should be breeding healthy, sturdy Papillon and Phalene puppies, no matter that they are a toy breed. At Pixiedust, we breed Papillons and Phalenes that can compete in agility and obedience, and still be small lap dogs. And we want all of our papillon and phalene puppies and their owners, to develop that special connection that makes for a life-long companionship between dog and owner. Written by www.pixiedustpapillons.com Include links when using this article.

Pixiedust is a premier breeder of quality papillon and phalene dogs for pet and show. www.pixiedustpapillons.com

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