Healthy Happy Relationships "7 Tips"

Written by Kathy Pedeaux

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"The apostle Paul wrote more than half ofrepparttar New Testament while incarcerated, often in tiny prison cells not much bigger than a small bathroom. Some historians and Bible commentators believe thatrepparttar 147041 sewage system of that day ran right through one ofrepparttar 147042 dungeons in which he was imprisoned. Some commentaries state that it's possible that he could have written some ofrepparttar 147043 great passages of what we now know as New Testament standing in raw sewage that at times came all repparttar 147044 way up to his waist. Yet Paul wrote such amazing faith filled words such as, 'Thanks be to God, who always causes us to triumph.'" Not many of us have situations quite like Paul, but they seem just as devestating and hopeless. Sometimes we find ourselves in what seems like impossible situations, we have choices to make. It is important to note that it is notrepparttar 147045 negative circumstances that come our way that dictates our life, butrepparttar 147046 decisions we make in response to those circumstances is what will determine our successes or our failures. *Remember if you want friends, more intimate relationships, you must first learn to be a positive, happy person! 7 Practical TIPS that Lead to Optimism 1. Realize that Right Feelings Follow Right Thoughts! 2. Learn that Happiness is a decision! (You can be in control) 3. Do something about what you can change! (What we do determines what direction we take) 4. Trust God about what you cannot change! 5. Find a way to believerepparttar 147047 best, instead of assumingrepparttar 147048 worst! 6. Only speak publicly about what is positive! (Seek private counsel about what is negative) 7. Forget what is behind! (Forgive, release and focus onrepparttar 147049 future) If you enjoyed this article and are interested in more articles by this author and other free resources please visit our website

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Kathy Pedeaux is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God Universtiy and serves along with her husband as Pastors of “The Mission Church” in Hammond Louisiana. Kathy holds a Masters Degree in Human Service Counseling and has 15 years of experience in helping people find direction, hope, and success in their lives. She is also a gifted speaker, teacher and worship leader that believes in helping people realize their dreams and destinies.

How To Be Happy

Written by Garry Munro

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Where does it end?

Wellrepparttar answer is simple, it ends exactly where it starts, in your Mind.

Look back at what you have had or what you did in your life that really made you happy, was it something that was a passing fad or was it more to do with being with certain people, going to a special place, listening to music, being on your own?

Whatever it was, can you have it again? Can you reproduce that feeling?

The answer to your past and future happiness belongs to you, only you can make you happy because only you control your thoughts, other people may have an impact but remember your thoughts are you, so think happy and be happy.

Garry Munro has the Minds Alike web site at where you can find more articles and information on success, happiness and self development.

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