Healthcare Management: A Burgeoning Industry

Written by Alexa K. Apallas

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At AIU Online, students receiverepparttar same services and support that they might find at a traditional campus. They can accessrepparttar 141201 campus “Cybrary” (that’s AIU Online’s term for its cyber-library) and get career guidance fromrepparttar 141202 Career Services Center, where a Career Services Advisor can assist them with a cover letter, their résumé, and interviewing tips. Students earn a degree from a regionally accredited university and may even qualify for financial aid to help pay for their studies, if eligible. And contrary to a popular misconception, Hoffman says, students have as much, if not more, interaction with their professors than they would at a traditional university. Whilerepparttar 141203 interaction might not be face-to-face, students can communicate with their teachers via email or online chats. Stein says she really gets to know her students personally because she responds to 10 to 15 student emails a day, and she holds two live online chats per week that allow students to ask questions or clarify assignments. The chats are archived for students who are unable to log on atrepparttar 141204 designated time. Students interact with their peers as well, by conducting discussions on a class bulletin board. AIU Online is also geared toward adult learners. Instead of a traditional final exam or paper, students work on projects that are focused on real-world deliverables. The AIU Online program is ideal for career changers who can’t afford to give uprepparttar 141205 steady job they currently hold but are eager to explore new career options. Students onrepparttar 141206 virtual campus can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management in just 13 months,* provided they have already earned an associate’s degree or its equivalent. The specialized curriculum includes courses offering an overview ofrepparttar 141207 healthcare industry,repparttar 141208 ethical and legal aspects of healthcare and healthcare management, and statistical analysis and economics in a global environment. Students seeking an MBA in Healthcare Management can earn that degree in 10 months. They will study topics like health policy, global financial management, systems in healthcare, and leadership and ethics for managers. “The healthcare management program is especially attractive to students who are already inrepparttar 141209 healthcare field and want to move their careers in a new direction,” says Stein. But even students who are new torepparttar 141210 field can find success with an online degree from AIU Online. By studying healthcare management, students can openrepparttar 141211 door to a career in a fast-growing, well-paying new field, and they can do it all fromrepparttar 141212 comfort of their own computer screen.

*The 13-month Bachelor’s degree is a 2+2 program and assumes that all associate-level requirements have been met through an Associate degree orrepparttar 141213 equivalent.

American InterContinental University is accredited byrepparttar 141214 Commission on Colleges ofrepparttar 141215 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

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Stop School Bullying - Do Bully Maintenance!

Written by Paula McCoach

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