Healing The Elements

Written by Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

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And just asrepparttar Earth is unimpressed with our treatment ofrepparttar 139118 dead, so too isrepparttar 139119 Air annoyed that we burn these unnatural boxes with our deceased loved ones, allowingrepparttar 139120 chemicals to be burned and released intorepparttar 139121 atmosphere andrepparttar 139122 trees wasted.

Sorepparttar 139123 Faerie way of celebrating this essential element would be to take some deep lungfuls of air, and celebraterepparttar 139124 fact that it is here to keep us prancing about this beautiful land. Use natural fragrances, such as organic essential oils, to sweeten your room. And maybe when you fart, do say “excuse me” so as not to offendrepparttar 139125 noses around you, including those ofrepparttar 139126 unseens!

The playful spirits ofrepparttar 139127 Water element have very little to play about these days. More and more pollution is being dumped intorepparttar 139128 oceans and rivers. Governments keep pushingrepparttar 139129 levels of “acceptable” waste up and up. They obviously only listen torepparttar 139130 fat cats, and notrepparttar 139131 water folk! Sea life is being destroyed and tap water is harming us thanks to our “civilised” way of making it “clean”. Powerful weapons are being tested and dangerous waste is being dumped inrepparttar 139132 most abundant element on earth.

How many of us, however, blamerepparttar 139133 governments forrepparttar 139134 waste being deposited by large corporations? Butrepparttar 139135 macrocosm reflectsrepparttar 139136 microcosm, and vice versa. As individuals we pollute our water supplies, damagingrepparttar 139137 fish and sea/river life and without even thinking about it.

For example, walking downrepparttar 139138 street we see masses of people with bleached and dyed hair, hair gel making us look like Lego Men, and their bowels and bladders ready to droprepparttar 139139 chemicals they have been allowing into their bodies via junk food and fizzy drinks. All of this ends up inrepparttar 139140 water system.

Overrepparttar 139141 last hundred years, we have started to believe that we must use washing up liquid to make our dishes sparkle, and use bleach to get rid of “harmful” bacteria. Now all of a sudden we have anti-bacterial soaps keeping us safe fromrepparttar 139142 evils ofrepparttar 139143 “enemy” bacteria. So what was it that we did before we had these miracle products in our lives? We had resistance and a healthy immune system. All of these chemicals, most of which are substances not found in nature, go intorepparttar 139144 water system. They do not stop working just because they are out of our sight.

Bacteria are ways in whichrepparttar 139145 Earth can keep a balance, yet these antibacterial agents are killing of far more than we intended. Would you drink a glass of water with soap in it? No? Why not? Fish seem to, and they blow pretty bubbles! Mind you,repparttar 139146 rate we’re going we’ll probably end up seeing fish with lovely blonde hair, clean teeth and a clean use of language!!!! (Wash your mouth out with soap and water!)

Allrepparttar 139147 drugs we swallow to make ourselves “better” get peed out intorepparttar 139148 toilet and rotates aroundrepparttar 139149 water cycle ofrepparttar 139150 earth passing through humans, animals and plants. Everything we put inrepparttar 139151 water ends up inrepparttar 139152 natural cycle without discrimination. If it cannot be broken down into natural substances, it cannot be broken down at all; why would you want to drink your neighbour’s washing-up water, or your daughters pink hair-dye?

Andrepparttar 139153 fourth element of Fire, has been showing its power, inrepparttar 139154 land of Australia, through our destruction ofrepparttar 139155 Ozone Layer. This is due torepparttar 139156 Green House Effect, or Global Warming, produced throughrepparttar 139157 imbalance ofrepparttar 139158 element of Air. The sun andrepparttar 139159 distant stars give life torepparttar 139160 planets they shine on. Withrepparttar 139161 right combination of elements,repparttar 139162 element of fire can produce or destroy life. The planet is warming up at an unnatural rate, yet we still persist in ignoring this warning sign.

We userepparttar 139163 element of fire to produce unnatural chemicals such as hydrogenated fats (fats heated at high temperatures and subjected to hydrogen atoms). These fats store themselves inrepparttar 139164 body as they are not natural, andrepparttar 139165 body does not know how to deal with them. Ifrepparttar 139166 body can release these fats, they are then excreted intorepparttar 139167 water system, much torepparttar 139168 furry ofrepparttar 139169 Water Faeries.

Thousands of years ago,repparttar 139170 human race took a huge leap in evolution when we learnt how to make fire. It kept us warm when we had no shelter, it cooked our food when we could not eat raw, and it gave us communication across long distances. But, nowadays, we’d be very hard pushed for each of us to create fire withoutrepparttar 139171 use of unnatural means such as lighters and matches. What would happen to us if there was some sort of disaster that prevented us from using these tools? Where has our respect gone for this beautiful and powerful element?

What can we do? Each morning when you rise, no matter how many clouds there are inrepparttar 139172 sky, give thanks torepparttar 139173 beauty ofrepparttar 139174 sun andrepparttar 139175 light it shines, appreciatingrepparttar 139176 unseen Faeries forrepparttar 139177 work they do to help convert this energy into physical form. Give thanks forrepparttar 139178 beautiful colours that are produced fromrepparttar 139179 rays ofrepparttar 139180 sun, and dance inrepparttar 139181 light ofrepparttar 139182 rainbows created on your sitting room wall fromrepparttar 139183 crystals hanging inrepparttar 139184 window.

Now you can understand from all of this shouting and stamping of my feet, how much I have been through withrepparttar 139185 Faeries overrepparttar 139186 last few years, andrepparttar 139187 important message they wanted me to impart with you. How much more shouting is needed is entirely down to you, but I think now thatrepparttar 139188 Faeries have told you, you’ll be hard pushed to ignore them! As soon as you start helpingrepparttar 139189 Faerie Elementals,repparttar 139190 sooner you can enjoy their playful and joyful nature;repparttar 139191 nature ofrepparttar 139192 natural world all around us. Being conscious of our actions isrepparttar 139193 first step to living on a balanced Earth, both environmentally and in terms of peace among humans.

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks is one of the UK’s top Crystal Therapists, and an inspirational practitioner and teacher of Reiki-Seichem.

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Weed Dangerous to Hummingbirds

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Burdock, also known as Cockle Burr, is a biennial plant which can grow to nine feet in height. Other names include Fox's Clote, Thorny Burr, Beggar's Buttons, Cockle Buttons, Love Leaves, Burr Seed, Clothburr, Turkey Burrseed and many others.

Burdock was imported from Europe and is now widely distributed in waste areas, abandoned farms, or any uncultivated area in North America. It can also appear in gardens and lawns.

The plant produces a rosette of large leaves, produces 15 to 40 or more pink or lavender flowers, and has a taproot of up to 40 inches in length.

The plant must be eliminated beforerepparttar flowers ripen and formrepparttar 138699 brown prickly burrs which spreadrepparttar 138700 seeds. Selective or spot herbicide treatment isn't always effective because of it's deep taproot. Pulling up or diggingrepparttar 138701 plant isrepparttar 138702 most effective butrepparttar 138703 entire taproot must be removed. The sooner this is donerepparttar 138704 easier it is to do. Smaller plants can be dug up using a standard garden fork or dandelion digger, and larger ones using a long-handled bulb planter.

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Marilyn Pokorney Freelance writer of science, nature, animals and the environment. Also loves crafts, gardening, and reading. Website: http://www.apluswriting.net

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