Headlines - how important are they for your business communication?

Written by Lee Hopkins

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* How to rub your stomach away.

* Why do Chinese women have such an impossibly low rate of breast cancer?

* The 7 critical things you must do to guarantee that your athletes win under pressure

* Yes, YOU can learn to paint works of art that you can be proud of and that others will admire.

* How a $7 investment can make you a celebrity and boost your business by 367% or more!

* How to triple your income by doubling your energy.

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* Learn to make money like a millionaire

* How to make big money writing and selling booklets inrepparttar 107972 next 30 days.

* 50 idiot-proof ways to make money onrepparttar 107973 internet.

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* A surprising new discovery for those who've always suspected they hadrepparttar 107975 'right stuff' to succeed in their own business... but who haven't yet quite got going.

* Do fears hold you back?

* How to accomplish anything you want in life.

* How to be your 'possible self'

* To become financially independent, it helps to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

* Is your future worth ten dollars?

* Attention entrepreneurs: what would it take to make 1998 your best year ever? Would an extra $100,000 help?

* Financial strategies for successful retirement.

* Here, at last, arerepparttar 107976 unspoken sexual health secrets you'll never hear from your doctor. Your husband. Your wife. Or, heaven forbid, your mother!

* It's ugly but it's beautiful [...for a Volkswagen, if you are curious]

* The Post Office wouldn't let us mail you a cup of fresh, hot coffee. Look inside forrepparttar 107977 next best thing.

* We can freerepparttar 107978 writer in you.

* What will your life be like in five years?

* How to recruit, interview and hirerepparttar 107979 right person. A step-by-step system for selectingrepparttar 107980 best person for every job.

...and one more for luck: "My friends and family were convinced I'd fail my exams. But whenrepparttar 107981 results came through..."

When you match consumer psychology with effective communication styles you get a powerful combination. At Hopkins-Business- Communication-Training.com you can find the secrets to communication success. At Hopkins we show you how to communicate better for better business results. www.hopkins-business-communication-training.com

Nonverbal communication in business

Written by Lee Hopkins

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And every one ofrepparttar positions we placerepparttar 107970 various elements of our body in tells a story—a powerful, nonverbal story.

For example, stand upright, shoulders straight, head up and eyes facingrepparttar 107971 front. Wear a big smile. Notice how you 'feel' emotionally.

Now, slump your shoulders, look atrepparttar 107972 floor and slightly shuffle your feet. Again, take a note of your emotional state.

Noticerepparttar 107973 difference?

Your audience surely will, and react to you and your message accordingly.

A strong, upright, positive body posture not only helps you breath easier (good for helping to calm nerves!) but also transmits a message of authority, confidence, trust and power.

If you find yourself challenged to maintain such a posture, practice in front of a mirror, or better yet join a speaking club like Toastmasters International.

** Posture 2 The second type of 'posture' comes from your internal mental and emotional states.

You can have great body posture but without internal mental and emotional posture your words will sound hollow to your audience.

For example, a sleezy used car salesman at 'Dodgy Brothers Motors' might have great body posture and greet you with a firm handshake, a steady gaze and a friendly smile.

His body will start betraying his real, underlying intentions and you'll start to feel uncomfortable around him, even if you can't figure out why.

But, if a different used car salesman with a genuine desire to help you findrepparttar 107974 right car for you puts your needs before his own, then his words and actions will remain congruent (in harmony) with his underlying intentions and you will trust him, even though you might not be able to identify why.

I have met salesmen and women who don't actually makerepparttar 107975 money they claim to make in their 'fabulous business opportunity', and while their words are practiced and polished, and their body posture is 'perfect', their words ooze like honeyed poison from their lips and I remain unconvinced.

This second type of 'posture' is fundamentally tied to truth and honesty. It is about 'walkingrepparttar 107976 talk' and being who you say you are.

It's all about making sure that your words and your intentions are underpinned by truth and honesty. Because all of us, no matter how polished a presenter we might be, are atrepparttar 107977 mercy of our body and its ability to 'tellrepparttar 107978 truth' in spite of what our lips might utter. Nonverbal clues rule!

Written communication ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I could spend a lifetime writing aboutrepparttar 107979 art of written communication.

There is an art (and also a science) that can be learnt with diligence and practice. To write too formally; to write too informally; to write too briefly; to write too lengthily...

My first suggestion would be to avail yourself of one ofrepparttar 107980 following three books, each of which is absolutely brilliant at giving yourepparttar 107981 skills and insights into effective business writing:

The Business Style Handbook: An A-to-Z Guide for Writing onrepparttar 107982 Job with Tips from Communications Experts atrepparttar 107983 Fortune 500 by Helen Cunningham and Brenda Greene

The Elements of Business Writing: A Guide to Writing Clear, Concise Letters, Memos, Reports, Proposals, and Other Business Documents by Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly

Effective Business Writing: Strategies, Suggestions and Examples by Maryann V. Piotrowski

From persuasive memos to complaint letters, sales letters to executive summaries -- these exceedingly useful guides help you to write clearly and in an appropriate format, style and tone. Each book has numerous examples that show how to overcome writer's block, organize messages for maximum impact, achieve an easy-to-read style, find an efficient writing system and much more.

But, if you want my personal recommendation... ...if you want to want to get hold and devour my personal best recommendation, then it's this book by Ken Evoy: Make Your Words Sell. "Stunning" isrepparttar 107984 only way to describe it! To grab your own copy go to http://www.sbi2004.com/myws

In conclusion... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are five key elements that can make or break your attempt at successful nonverbal business communication:

Eye contact Gestures Movement Posture, and Written communication

Nonverbal communication in a business setting requires not only recognition of these elements, but confidence in meeting their challenges.

Good luck!

When you match consumer psychology with effective communication styles you get a powerful combination. At Hopkins-Business- Communication-Training.com you can find the secrets to communication success. At Hopkins we show you how to communicate better for better business results. www.hopkins-business-communication-training.com

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