Headlines: Your Big Opener

Written by Martin Avis

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* Active - use strong, active words. Passive, weak writing has no place in copywriting.

* Use copywriter's 'magic' words - some words have so much power that they regularly appear in headlines. Fourteen common ones are: How to, New, Secret, Save, Get, Free, Bonus, You, Unique, Exclusive, Now, Why, Guaranteed, Risk-free.

* Short, punchy words. Long words with lots of syllables are difficult to scan. Avoid them.

* Empathize withrepparttar reader - show that you understand and can solve their problem: "Do you despair of ever losing weight? Discoverrepparttar 134736 secret of how I beat my yo- yo cycle and lost 42 pounds forever." Know who you are writing for - understand your target audience - and write directly to them.

Write lots of headlines and test forrepparttar 134737 best.

Don't cop out on your headline. Polish it, cherish it and it will berepparttar 134738 key torepparttar 134739 success of your web site.

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Building a Successful Web Site: What NOT To do:

Written by Marc McDonald

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3. Don't just take fromrepparttar Web: give something back. I'm not a starry-eyed idealist who pines forrepparttar 134735 days beforerepparttar 134736 Web became commercialized. But I do firmly believe that it's important for any successful site to give something back torepparttar 134737 cyberspace community. I'm not talking about money here: only effort. This can range from offering a useful service on your site to lending a hand to a newbie who is just starting up his site. If you earn a reputation as someone who's not just a money-grubber who's out to make a quick buck onrepparttar 134738 Web, it'll pay you back in spades for years to come. For one thing, you'll be able to build lasting, trusting, mutually-beneficial relationships with fellow Webmasters (and I regardrepparttar 134739 latter asrepparttar 134740 single most important asset that I've built up in my six years onrepparttar 134741 Web).

4. Don't be a bandwagon jumper. I've constantly been amazed overrepparttar 134742 years at how many Webmasters will embracerepparttar 134743 latest fad, whether or not it makes sense for their sites. An example isrepparttar 134744 current fad of placing a Flash animation on one's welcome page. While I've seen a number of eye-catching and interesting Flash animations, I have seen very few sites where such content made any sense. Too many Webmasters blindly embracerepparttar 134745 latest gimmick onrepparttar 134746 Web, simply because they've seen it on many other sites. Butrepparttar 134747 fact is, unless your site specifically focuses on Flash, it doesn't make much sense to force your visitors to sit through a Flash intro every time they visit your site. For allrepparttar 134748 high-tech, multimedia potential that cutting-edge Web technology promises forrepparttar 134749 future,repparttar 134750 vast majority of people onrepparttar 134751 Web still want one thing: information. And they want it as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Andrepparttar 134752 fact is, you don't need Java applets or Flash animations or multimedia plug-ins to present information (or, for that matter, to build a successful site).

In summing up, building one's site is an ongoing learning process for any Webmaster. And just as it is important to learn what to do to ensure your success, it's equally vital to learn from your mistakes and to be aware of what NOT to do, if you're going to succeed.

Marc McDonald is a former journalist and editor with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the creator of FreebieDirectory.com as well as several other popular Web sites that have received extensive media exposure from CNN's "Headline News," the BBC, Fox News, ZDTV, CBS Radio, the Washington Post, and many more. Visit the FreebieDirectory at: http://www.freebiedirectory.com and AAAScreenSavers at: http://www.aaascreensavers.com.

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