Hazing: Child Play or Violent Crime?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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(2) visual, physical, verbal, written, or electronic contact that is initiated, maintained, or repeated after a person has been provided notice thatrepparttar contact is unwanted;

(3) surveillance of orrepparttar 132198 maintenance of a presence nearrepparttar 132199 targeted person's:

(a) residence;

(b) place of work;

(c) school; or

(d) another place regularly occupied byrepparttar 132200 targeted person; and

(4) vandalism and property damage.

SECTION 16-3-1710.

Penalties upon conviction for harassment.

(A) A person who engages in harassment is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than two hundred dollars, imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both.

(B) A person convicted of harassment against a person within seven years of a prior conviction of harassment against or stalking of that person, or when an injunction or restraining order is in effect prohibiting this conduct, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than one thousand dollars, imprisoned not more than one year, or both.


Clearly, we can see that all ofrepparttar 132201 above laws directly coincide with incidents of 'hazing.' Deplorably, these laws reflect similar views acrossrepparttar 132202 Nation and are in incredible need of revisioning. In addition to this, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming have absolutely no anti-hazing laws. To find out how your individual state laws are written, you can review them by going to StopHazing.org for a complete list of states.

In a report written by Greg Toppo of USA Today in 2004, there were 48 school-related violent deaths from August through June alone. In his article, he writes, 'President Bush's 2005 budget proposes a 40% drop in spending for juvenile crime prevention, following a 44% cut...' For more literature on hazing, read 'Too Cruel for School,' by People Magazine (compliments of HazingLaw.com), '511 Dangerous Traditions: Hazing Rituals on Campus and University Liability,' (Journal of College and University Law) or 'Brutal Rituals - Dangerous Rites' (the American School Board Journal).

Is 'hazing' child's play or violent crime? I'd like to refer back torepparttar 132203 list of laws above for that answer. It is plain to see that hazing groups are liken to that of sociological destructive cult groups. A shared trait of both sociological cults and hazing members, are that they both isolate their victims or 'pledges' from friends and relatives to gain private access, and better control over them. Additionally, they both tend to brainwash members or prospective members into believing their ideals and practices. A good checklist to review on cult-like behavior can be found here: Cult Checklist

As a social issue, hazing is a volatile crime that should not only be prosecuted torepparttar 132204 fullest extent of assault, battery, rape and other criminal laws; but also, any community leaders such as coaches, teachers, etc. should be held accountable for inaction to prevent hazing incidents when they are aware or condone such events. Today, hazing is still considered 'child's play' by many communities that yield a blind eye to hazing rituals. In most cases, victims are humiliated, physically tortured, mentally abused, molested, raped, and live with emotional and physical scars that may last a lifetime. Hazing victims are usually forced to leave schools, institutions and other organizations in fear of their lives.

Hazing is NOT child's play. It is a violent act or acts that sometimes leads to a senseless, fatal crime. As a parent, it appauls me that a Nationwide law has not been legislated to prevent or legitimately prosecute hazing organizations. A formidable form of 'child's play,' hazing is considered light-hearted and a simple 'initiation process' until it happens to your child, your niece or nephew, or your sibling.

There are several organizations, like StopHazing.org that advocates total elimination of Hazing and offers in-depth resources, support and a free sign-up form for individuals interested in supporting their efforts.

Hank Nuwer, a leading researcher in citing hazing incidents and deaths, has written several informative books on hazing. Per his website, hazing.hanknuwer.com, Mr. Nuwer provides beneficial resources to individuals about hazing incidents, external links, laws, and much more.

In a 'moral' and civilized society, hazing should never be tolerated. You can make a world of difference...stay informed, get involved, be aware and stop hazing in its tracks before it touches you personally.


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©2005 - Hazing: Child's Play or Violent Crime? by C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot

C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations Director & Staff Writer for www.HolisticJunction.com and www.MediaPositiveRadio.com

Why some hate more than others (A)

Written by Terry Dashner

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You might answer this in frustration by saying that there are many factors involved inrepparttar equation of hate. I agree, but why do they boil over into hate for a human being simply because he looks different?

Forrepparttar 132195 next couple of weeks, I’m going to grapple with this question. I will try to avoid cliché and trite reasons as to why or why not. I will also refrain from suggesting overly simplified solutions on how to stoprepparttar 132196 hate. I will speak torepparttar 132197 topic honestly from my faith, experience, and educational perspective. And yet atrepparttar 132198 end of this series I will fall short, no doubt, because hate has to be actively resisted untilrepparttar 132199 end of time.

Nevertheless I want to throw another angle intorepparttar 132200 mix that, oftentimes, gets overlooked by sociologists, anthropologist and, yes, even religious apologists. I believerepparttar 132201 oversight has to do withrepparttar 132202 echelon of a demonic hierarchy that is present inrepparttar 132203 world order. (I tried to spruce uprepparttar 132204 word “demonic” to fitrepparttar 132205 hipster’s 21st century vernacular, but “demonic hierarchy…inrepparttar 132206 world order” isrepparttar 132207 best I can do. Sorry.)

I hope you will continue reading this series, at least until I have finished arguing my point. At that time you are free to delete withrepparttar 132208 press of a computer key. Or, you are welcome to rise torepparttar 132209 challenge that I present you atrepparttar 132210 end. It’s your choice. It’s my honor to welcome you aboard forrepparttar 132211 next couple of weeks. God is really, really, really good. Andrepparttar 132212 devil is really, really bad. That'srepparttar 132213 truth!

Keeprepparttar 132214 faith. Stayrepparttar 132215 course. One day hate will be swallowed up in love. I promise it's true.

Pastor Tdash

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. He writes devotional materials for his congregation. He is a military veteran and retired police officer.

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