Hazards of Extreme Camping

Written by J. D. Adams

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The priming of gas stoves typically produces a fireball that is great for trimming those bushy eyebrows, also giving a hard outdoorsy look torepparttar face. Workingrepparttar 118200 stove is always great fun, a bit like being an astronaut and firingrepparttar 118201 afterburners. Some people get into character, shouting terms like “throttle up!” and “more power!” as they operaterepparttar 118202 pump and valves to avoidrepparttar 118203 dreaded “flameout”! Overcooking isrepparttar 118204 result, like your mother’s pork chops. Periodic cleaning ofrepparttar 118205 stove hardware is necessary for easy starting. Backpacks have come a long way fromrepparttar 118206 L-shaped wooden frame and attached rucksack. The principle is stillrepparttar 118207 same, to explorerepparttar 118208 limits of human endurance like Lewis and Clark on a bad day. The inner frame pack is more streamlined, allowing gazelle-like movement throughrepparttar 118209 wilderness. Skiing and climbing is easier with a pack that is closer to your center of gravity. The exterior frame pack isrepparttar 118210 most comfortable for normal hiking conditions. Regardless ofrepparttar 118211 type of pack, choose a model with wide, firm padding onrepparttar 118212 waist and shoulder straps. Prior to masteringrepparttar 118213 telemark and snowplow turns,repparttar 118214 novice skier will tend to hurtle out of control acrossrepparttar 118215 unsuspecting landscape; their approach marked by a cloud of forest debris andrepparttar 118216 raucous cries of tormented wildlife. Elk and bear stampede fearfully. Cross-country skiing with a full pack combinesrepparttar 118217 grace of drunkenness withrepparttar 118218 feel of a military exercise. Once mastered, expeditions can be launched intorepparttar 118219 high country, where an altered state will settle in from oxygen deprivation, and annoying tunes may run throughrepparttar 118220 head. Often giddiness will persist well intorepparttar 118221 later stages of hypothermia that can only be cured by fishing.

I have worked with avionics, communications, computers, and consumer electronics. I honed my skills in technical writing during this time. Yearning to exercise my creativity, I broadened my writing topics to include history, the outdoors, and travel. I have been published in local newspapers and several Oregon travel websites.

Everything I Need To Know I Learned From Drinking Coffee

Written by Deb Voss Quail and Roxanne Vincent

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There is no morning without that first cup-of-joe.

Hot coffee and cold cream are good for you. My 100-year-old grandmother says so.

If you ask, “coffee, tea, or me?” be prepared forrepparttar response: “a double, skim, with extra foam.”

Decaffeinated teas and sodas may well have their merits, decaf coffee has none.

The glass half-empty or half-full question is ridiculous. Never drink coffee from a glass!

Lovers, desserts, coffee ... indeed many things are better rich.

Given enough coffee, I conspire to rulerepparttar 118199 world.

Any romance begun in a coffee shop stands a chance of success; you are presumably both sober andrepparttar 118200 lighting is better than in a bar.

© Deb Voss Quail and Roxanne Vincent

Deb Voss Quail and Roxanne Vincent are coffee buddies and business partners. Reach them via their web site at http://www.vvvinsights.com.

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