Hawaii’s Top Ten Sun-In-The-Fun Beaches

Written by Donna Monday

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# 5) Lahaina Beach – Romance rules at this idyllic beach nestled inrepparttar quaint whaling village of Lahaina. Lahaina is one ofrepparttar 150386 most romantic beaches inrepparttar 150387 world due to its tranquil old fishing village, lush tropical plant life, and majestic ocean view. Enjoyrepparttar 150388 Old Lahaina Luau, where locals dancerepparttar 150389 traditional hula, serve succulent imu-roasted pig, and hold lei ceremonies.

# 4) Hookipa Beach – Hookipa Beach is well-known for its notorious trade winds. This beach can be enjoyed if you love white windswept sands and towering palm trees. Windsurfers love it too, and this is where you’ll catch them riding waves and competing in windsurfing competitions.

# 3) Punalu’u Beach – Who says a great beach has to be boring? For a change of pace, visitrepparttar 150390 rare and unusual black beach of Punalu’u. Created from spilled lava from bothrepparttar 150391 Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanoes,repparttar 150392 black sand is always warm and soothing torepparttar 150393 touch. If you love to fish, joinrepparttar 150394 locals and experience some ofrepparttar 150395 best fishing inrepparttar 150396 world.

# 2) The North Shore – The North Shore is actually comprised of three beaches: Waimeia Bay (tranquil inrepparttar 150397 summer, awesome surfer waves in winter);repparttar 150398 Pipeline (a die-hard surfer Mecca); and Sunset Beach (known for its beautiful and colorful sunsets). Three great ways to enjoy one of Hawaii’s best beach getaways.

# 1) Lanikai Beach – Beautiful sparkling sands, swaying palm trees, lush tropical plants, endless sunshine, turquoise green waters, kayaking, nearby bird sanctuaries, and one ofrepparttar 150399 best sunrises on Oahu can all be found at Lanikai. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a few models inrepparttar 150400 middle of a photo shoot!

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Travel to Nova Scotia: Canada's New England

Written by Phillip Townsend

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Not only is Nova Scotia a prime tourist destination, but cheap real estate and a reasonable cost of living make it an attractive second home. 1-acre oceanfront lots sale for as little as $15,000, while a three-bedroom home on a few acres can be had for as little as $60,000. It's no wonder that Hollywood heavyweights such as Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore have snapped up summer homes here.

Considering its close proximity, not many Americans make it to Nova Scotia. Of those who do, few are disappointed.

Why not go see for yourself?

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Phillip Townsend is the author of Passport to Canada: The Complete Guide to Living and Retiring in Nova Scotia. His website is www.nsliving.info.

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