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Written by Gerardo Smile

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Poker should be entertainment and at www.pokerinparis.com it is ...., therefore we have only happy members. Join us now for free !

Gerardo Smile is a marketing and internet related specialist. He has now opened www.pokerinparis.com, where you can play for fun or for real.

Video Poker - The Basics

Written by Tom McBroom

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To play a video poker machine, you simply insert one or more coins (usually up to a maximum of five) and pushrepparttar "deal" button. Five cards are dealt to you onrepparttar 142342 screen. You chooserepparttar 142343 ones you want to hold by pushingrepparttar 142344 "hold" button underneath each card.

You then pushrepparttar 142345 "deal" button again and you will be dealtrepparttar 142346 number of cards you choose not to keep, to form your final, five card poker hand. If you end up with a winning combination, you are paid according torepparttar 142347 payout schedule.

It's as simple as that! Many video poker machines have a payout schedule that is 97 or 98%. In another article, we'll explainrepparttar 142348 schedule withrepparttar 142349 best odds.

Until then, good luck!

Tom is the webmaster at BlackjackForEveryone.com, which is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack players into serious recreational players.

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