Having Your Beautiful Wedding--Without "Busting" Your Budget.

Written by Larry Denton

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Determining when you get married can actually affect your wedding budget. According to TheKnot.com, June, August and September arerepparttar most popular months for marriages. The more popular your wedding month,repparttar 105644 less choice you'll have aboutrepparttar 105645 date,repparttar 105646 site, cake makers, flowers, photographers, etc. The most popular day ofrepparttar 105647 week is Saturday, so you can save money by having your nuptials on Friday night or a Sunday.

To save additional money, up to $500 in most cases, you can printrepparttar 105648 invitations yourself; simply Google "wedding invitation template" and locate scores of sites with downloadable invitation styles. Withrepparttar 105649 newer technology (copiers and printers) your personally crafted invitations will be as stylish as they come.

The reception is whererepparttar 105650 wedding costs can truly get out of hand. Statistics show that an average of 189 guests attend a wedding. A large number. To limit expenses, try to keep your guest list to a minimum. You don't need to invite every person you have met since high school. Instead of a three course meal, why not choose a hot and cold buffet. Instead of using an expensive hotel suite forrepparttar 105651 reception, why not consider having it at someone's home, private club or even book a restaurant. Keep an open bar to a minimum.

Weddings can be expensive if you want them to be. However, there are many cost-cutting ideas that would allow you keep some money aside for a romantic honeymoon or a down payment on your new house. With a little imagination and some help from family and friends, you can have a luxurious wedding for much less money.

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently V.P. of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet business providing useful and valuable information on a variety of timely topics. For a chapel full of cost-savings tips and advice about your perfect wedding, visit http://www.WeddingWalk.com

Creating A Wedding Budget You Can Afford

Written by Alan Allport

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With these calculators, all that you have to do is inputrepparttar total budget amount and then they will calculate for you how much money in dollars you will be able to spend on each component of your wedding.

Once you have figured outrepparttar 105643 dollar amount that you can spend on each component ofrepparttar 105644 wedding, you can then begin to create a list itemizing everything.

You will need to put together a list of allrepparttar 105645 areas of your wedding that are important to you and make sure that you allocate a sensible proportion ofrepparttar 105646 total budget to each.

This is necessary so that you can see ifrepparttar 105647 wedding of your dreams is a realistic expectation given what you can afford to spend. If you come up short, here are some ideas to enable you to trimrepparttar 105648 expenses:

•Reducerepparttar 105649 size ofrepparttar 105650 guest list •Forego some ofrepparttar 105651 services •Reducerepparttar 105652 size ofrepparttar 105653 wedding party •Forgetrepparttar 105654 extras like limos

It is only by setting down on paper a budget you can afford and listing all ofrepparttar 105655 areas that you have to spend money on that you can begin to refine your ideas onrepparttar 105656 type and scope of wedding that it is realistic for you to aim for.

Afterall, you will have plenty of expenses to cover afterrepparttar 105657 wedding when starting out on your married life together. It just doesn’t make sense to create problems by over-stretching financially onrepparttar 105658 wedding.

Alan Allport is Webmaster at http://www.wedding-source.best-gen.com where he has published a FREE Online guide to planning the perfect wedding on a budget

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