Having Eyes to See

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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Yul Brynner, who died of lung cancer in 1985, helped reverserepparttar glamour image inrepparttar 122363 late 80s with a chilling PSA which began, “Now that I’m dead … please don’t smoke.”

If you’re wondering what this has to do with spiritual development and seeing things clearly, let me continue.

If you didn’t go throughrepparttar 122364 process of consciousness raising with cigarette smoking, here’s an example fromrepparttar 122365 21st Century. The same thing is occurring with obesity. The same long, time consuming process has begun. This time you can be a part of it, waking up slowly to what is before your very eyes.

I visited Russia this summer and people in Russia are not overweight. I really noticed it when I got back home. I have a friend from India who moved here because he wanted to be in a country where “evenrepparttar 122366 poor people are fat.”

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions inrepparttar 122367 United States. Fast food chains are being sued to hold them accountable for selling food high in fat, salt, sugar, and cholesterol content, “despite studies showing a link between consuming such foods and obesity, diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, elevated cholesterol intake, related cancers, and other health problems” and despite a recent published finding byrepparttar 122368 Surgeon General that obesity costs Americans almost as much money per year as cigarette related illnesses. John F. Banzhaf III (http://banzhaf.net) isrepparttar 122369 nationally-known professor and practitioner of public interest law who is bringing these legal actions torepparttar 122370 public forum.

The Chicago Tribune reports that suits initiated by Banzhof’s students have already forced McDonald's to apologize for "duping" people, and pay out over $12 million in damages. McDonald’s claimed their French fries were “vegetarian”. [They are fried in animal fat.]

According to ABCNEWS Internet Ventures, “a second law suit filed by a disgruntled customer in Florida, outraged when she learned that a so-called low-calorie and low-fat ice cream had at least three timesrepparttar 122371 calories and fat she was led to believe, has likewise been granted class action status by a judge, and could involve one million customers.”

Banzhof comments, “We know from tobacco litigation that initial suits have real difficulties becauserepparttar 122372 public has real problems accepting new ideas and new concepts. It took us many years to get us torepparttar 122373 point of educating juries about tobacco, so now they are [learning aboutrepparttar 122374 fast food industry].”

In one ofrepparttar 122375 finer uses ofrepparttar 122376 evolutionary nature of law, Americans are being shown -- until they can “see” for themselves --repparttar 122377 connection between junk food and poor health. We are also being shownrepparttar 122378 correlation between weight gain and disastrous health consequences which we know intuitively. Obesity, watching television and eating junk food and go together like Whoppers and SuperSizeItPlease.

Connectingrepparttar 122379 dots can help us to correct misapprehensions from childhood and seerepparttar 122380 world around us with new eyes. It is these new eyes of seeing that are bothrepparttar 122381 goal andrepparttar 122382 process of enlightenment.

Nancy R. Fenn is a healer and intuitive consultant in the San Diego area. She enjoys working with creatives, intuitives and visionaries.

At the Crossroads of Life ... Keep an Open Mind!

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

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In addition to learning a common language like lingua franca (Latin wasrepparttar lingua franca of educated people in Europe for many years), crossroads experiences stimulate a desire to learn a foreign language. Did you know that learning a foreign language increases your intelligence? One reason is that it builds bridges of communication betweenrepparttar 122362 right and left side ofrepparttar 122363 brain, increasing flexibility. A person who can come at a problem with right and left brain flexibility has doublerepparttar 122364 resources of someone relying on just one orrepparttar 122365 other. In addition, onrepparttar 122366 Gemini side, you learn to speak another language but onrepparttar 122367 Sagittarian side, you developrepparttar 122368 telepathic ability to understand someone else's language. This ability often transcendsrepparttar 122369 words being spoken and heard as many people with language ability will tell you.


Here is an example of some ofrepparttar 122370 kinds of important information that are exchanged at a crossroad.

Be careful, it is no longer safe to drinkrepparttar 122371 water at xx Be carefulrepparttar 122372 king of xx is dying andrepparttar 122373 country is run by renegades who no longer honor our trade agreements Warning, there was a spring flood which washed awayrepparttar 122374 trail at xx Good news! The mountain pass is clear now. Good news! The king of xx wants trade in his country and has clearedrepparttar 122375 bandits out ofrepparttar 122376 gulch at xx. The price of amber has dropped. Don't be fooled into paying high prices. The market for silk has shifted further west … be careful not to buy more than you can sell. Xx's supply of xx is terrible this year. Best go in another direction with what you have to sell. People who stay at home inrepparttar 122377 town and village don't need this kind of information. But if they are wise, they listen to news from travelers because it can portend things inrepparttar 122378 future. For example a traveler returns and says, "I have been to xx and they will pay fabulous sums of money for this stuff that washes up onrepparttar 122379 shore around here [amber]". Or he might say, "There are restless tribes marauding close to here. We need to be careful or they will wipe us out." There is no way for a connection to be made between towns and villages if someone doesn't travel.


Today of courserepparttar 122380 internet is very Mercurial. It brings information back and forth between people who find each other through common interests. They are travelingrepparttar 122381 air waves, so to speak.

A characteristic of staying at home inrepparttar 122382 village is that things change very slowly inrepparttar 122383 village. Alongrepparttar 122384 trade routes there is constant change. The energy is "mercurial", fast changing along trade routes. It is like quicksilver where cultures collide. People learn to borrow good things from one another to improve their own. There is an open mindedness among traders and among people who live along allrepparttar 122385 borders ofrepparttar 122386 world. Such places are ruled by Mercury. What can we learn from all of this?

The planet Mercury rulesrepparttar 122387 sign Gemini. There are 12 signs but there are really only 6 "polarities". Gemini and its opposite sign Sagittarius make up one of these polarities and it is best to understand these two signs as complimentary opposites. They are different degrees ofrepparttar 122388 same qualities. Therefore, when we speak about Mercury, which rules Gemini, there is always a Sagittarian flavor inrepparttar 122389 stew.


An example of a quintessential Gemini/Sagittarius individual isrepparttar 122390 Russian Tsar, Peterrepparttar 122391 Great. Peterrepparttar 122392 Great (1672-1725) had his Sun and Mercury in Gemini inrepparttar 122393 3rd house opposite his Moon in Sagittarius. Peter was a genius and master of many trades. He was an innovator and facilitator. He traveled to and borrowed from various countries in Europe, bringing backrepparttar 122394 best of England, France,repparttar 122395 Netherlands and Italy. He consolidated Russian territory, createdrepparttar 122396 Russian Navy, dredgedrepparttar 122397 city of St. Petersburg fromrepparttar 122398 swamps and introduced new styles of dress and customs to his people. He was "ahead of his times".

The flexibility and open mindedness of someone like Peterrepparttar 122399 Great are characteristic ofrepparttar 122400 "crossroads" energy ruled by Mercury. In a manner of speaking, Peterrepparttar 122401 Great visited everywhere and tookrepparttar 122402 best of everything. His open mindedness and flexibility were winning qualities and they are "crossroads" qualities.

Peter had both Gemini and Sagittarius qualities. A typical Gemini trait was his interest in "curiosities". At a time when many rulers created museums to preserve freaks and oddities of nature, Peter was no exception. You can still visit his museum in St. Petersburg today. Peter was a Sagittarius in his love of everything "foreign" and in his mastery of many different talents.


For a graphic idea ofrepparttar 122403 spread of ideas and information, considerrepparttar 122404 spread ofrepparttar 122405 black plague contagion which began in 14th century Europe by followingrepparttar 122406 caravan routes. Fromrepparttar 122407 lower Volga River basin in 1345, it spread torepparttar 122408 Caucasus and Crimea by 1346, Constantinople by 1347, Alexandria inrepparttar 122409 autumn of 1347, Cyprus and Sicily in that year, Italy by winter 1347, Marseilles by January of 1348, Paris in spring 1348, followed by Germany andrepparttar 122410 Low Countries in that year, Norway in May 1349, eastern Europe by 1350, and finally Russia in 1351.

Epidemics have been tracked historically and illustraterepparttar 122411 prinpciple of exchange or cross pollination that takes place atrepparttar 122412 crossroads.


Mercury is alsorepparttar 122413 god of borders. Living in Southern California, our population is a mix of Caucasian, Arab, Mexican, African-American, Oriental and Island people. I can't say that we get along easily allrepparttar 122414 time, but we do get along. Hopefully Southern California getsrepparttar 122415 best of all these cultures and wins. When I leave California I missrepparttar 122416 stimulation of border/crossroads energy. If I go someplace homogenous like a town inrepparttar 122417 midwest, I find it fascinating by contrast. The upheaval and change that occurs when 7 different cultures "collide" has its special challenges and gifts and a homogenous culture has its stability.


Mercury is alsorepparttar 122418 god of symbolic crossroads. This reminds us how important it is to be open minded when we stand at a crossroads in life. Mercury reminds us that keeping our minds open to as many choices as possible isrepparttar 122419 best way to facerepparttar 122420 unknown.

Nancy R. Fenn is an astrologer and intuitive consultant in the San Diego area. She enjoys working with creatives, intuitives and visionaries to help them discover their mission in life.

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