Having Difficulty Writing A Compelling Offer? Click On A TV Infomercial!

Written by Paula Morrow

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*Proof. An extension ofrepparttar testimonial, benefits are often presented visually. Before/after pictures are shown for a weightloss product or acne treatment. Live makeup demonstrations show how beauty can be yours, instantly. Copies of cancelled checks are displayed for houses purchased using a real estate system.

*Urgency. The products can only be ordered by 800 number, available only duringrepparttar 108179 show. Or there is only a limited amount of product available. A counter is shown onscreen, rapidly clicking down towards zero. It's a clear message: if you don't buy now, you miss out!

*Ironclad guarantee. Infomercials always include a 30-day trial period. Andrepparttar 108180 chance to keep part ofrepparttar 108181 offer 'as their gift' if they decide to returnrepparttar 108182 product. It's presented as a no risk, win-win situation. Always.

*The Upsell. When you call to order,repparttar 108183 operator's script always includes an upsell. Offering vitamins to go along withrepparttar 108184 fitness equipment. Or complimentary magazine subscriptions. They capitalize onrepparttar 108185 customer's mood to buy.

So, ifrepparttar 108186 thought of how to write a compelling offer is keeping you up at night, do yourself a favor, and just hit your TV's power button.

Anthony Robbins, Carlton Sheets, Vanessa L. Williams, Ron Popeil, George Foreman, Susan Powter, Victoria Principal, et al, I salute you!

Paula Morrow heads Ideal Marketing Corporation, specializing in information products and training for newbie netpreneurs. Subscribe to IDEALProfits, now read in 12 countries, and receive 5 bonus ebooks! http://www.idealmarketingcorp.com/subscribe.html

How To Make Your Sales Letters Bullet Proof

Written by Mike Jezek

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Most companies with a winning sales force have a team come in and create answers to every possible objection a prospect may raise. And they create what's called a Script Book. In fact, companies with top-notch sales teams keep their Script Books secret. Some even place their Script Books in safes. Why? The scripted answers to every objective Mr. Prospect may raise are worth their weight in gold if their answers to a prospect's objection works. In direct sales, you must become a master of knowing every objection your prospects have and be able to articulately overcome every one of those objections. And so it isrepparttar same with copywriting. Copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print. When you craft copy that overcomes objections, you're going to be light years ahead of your competition. Most people won't even takerepparttar 108178 time to do this! Your homework is to knowrepparttar 108179 objections your market has, like you knowrepparttar 108180 back of your hand, and craft irresistible answers to overcome those objections. After all, if everyone of Mr. Prospect's objections are overcome, logic would tell him he should invest in your product or service. Get to work.

YOURS FREE! Get a free evaluation of your sales letters and direct mail. Find out where your copy is weak and what you need to immediately do to make it sell more. No obligation. Here's my website: www.irresistiblecopywriting.com Go ahead and find out where your copy is weak and whether it's going to work. After all - it's free! -Psychological Sales Letter Specialist (TM) Mike Jezek. Copyright 2002 Mike Jezek. All rights reserved.

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