Having A User Friendly Website

Written by Jean Sutherland

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6. HTML Validation

Validating your HTML will help your visitors to have no problems while visiting your website. With valid HTML, browsers will function correctly at your site and with future browser updates people will have a smooth transition. Tidy GUI is a great free program for fixing errors and reducingrepparttar size of you page. It can be downloaded at http://www.emailpromotions.net/download/TidyGUI.exe

7. Reduce The Size Of Your Graphics

The size ofrepparttar 131658 graphics on your site, and these graphics not loading quickly, can be one ofrepparttar 131659 major reasons for your page to load slowly and for your visitors to leave. Always shrinkrepparttar 131660 size of your images and watch how much faster your website will load. Spinwave http://www.spinwave.com/crunchers.html is a free online cruncher that can offer a maximum compression of approximately 30%.

8. Your Visitors Browser

Not everyone uses Internet Explorer and that leaves you withrepparttar 131661 problem of making sure that visitors to your site, using Netscape, Mozilla and others, all seerepparttar 131662 same thing. Unless you ensure compatibility then different browsers are going to display things differently than what you designed or what you see. With some browsers some people may not be able to see anything on your site. To check your website on different browsers visit Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer at http://www.delorie.com/web/wpbcv.html

9. Contacting You

No website owner can afford to take its customers for granted. When they need to get in touch with you in order to ask questions, it is imperative that you have easy to find contact information. Nothing is more frustrating than having to search a site to find how to reach you. Your visitors are your livelyhood...keep it simple for your customers. It makes for a great relationship with your visitors.

10. Spell Check

Last but not least, check your spelling. No one likes to read a page filled with spelling errors. Most HTML software offers this simple service and it should always berepparttar 131663 last thing your check before you upload your page.

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The Webmaster's Assistant

Written by Martin Day

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Did they findrepparttar information they were looking for?

How easy did they find navigatingrepparttar 131656 website?

Would they recommendrepparttar 131657 website to others?

A good website survey will be brief and will gather information that once analysed will provide valuable information to help improverepparttar 131658 website.

Another alternative to a traditional survey is to embed one or two survey questions withinrepparttar 131659 website after specific procedures. For example atrepparttar 131660 end ofrepparttar 131661 registration processrepparttar 131662 visitor can be asked if they foundrepparttar 131663 procedure quick and easy; after ordering an item they could be asked if they foundrepparttar 131664 ordering procedure and payment methods to their liking. To ensure thatrepparttar 131665 questions donít become repetitive to regular visitorsrepparttar 131666 website can be programmed so thatrepparttar 131667 questions are only asked once per registered user.

Website surveys takerepparttar 131668 mystery out of working out what visitors think of a website and using online survey websites such as www.SurveyGalaxy.com they are quick and easy to design and once implemented will really becomerepparttar 131669 webmaster's assistant.

To see a sample website survey please follow this link:-


Martin Day is a director of Survey Galaxy for more information please visit http://www.SurveyGalaxy.com

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