Have you Hugged Your Customer Today ?

Written by Lisa M. Cope

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Show your customers that you appreciate them. It'srepparttar little things that matter. Like a friendly voice and prompt courteous service. Going that extra mile to make them feel special. You can create a huge following of loyal customers just by being nice.

But don't stop there. The possibilities are endless. Have you ever been to a nice hotel where they leave a chocolate on your pillow? Now that chocolate only cost them a few pennies but it made your experience nicer. It made you remember their hotel above others.

How about customer reward programs. Sales will soar when you tell your customers that they will get one free after they purchase three. A free gift with every purchase. Every one likes presents.

Customer appreciation days, sales and specials. Hold an event throw a party just for customers that you have done business with before. Make them feel special, like they matter, that they are important to you. Then watch your business reaprepparttar 149152 rewards.

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Donít fall into the same trap as most affiliate marketers.

Written by Mike Linley

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Here are 5 techniques that will dramatically add active prospects to your list.

1.Submit articles aroundrepparttar web regarding your niche and have your biography link go to an opt-in page. You'll be amazed at how well this technique works in building a list.

2. Pay per click isrepparttar 149151 easiest way to immediately begin getting traffic. Send all of your paid traffic directly to your opt-in page, then haverepparttar 149152 person land on a page that pre-sellsrepparttar 149153 product they were looking for. Make sure to test this, sometimes your conversions onrepparttar 149154 front-end can fall, but they will increase over time.

3. I have found Ezine ads are a great way to quickly and cost effectively boost my list. Write an ad promising a "free membership or information" and sendrepparttar 149155 traffic to an opt-in page.

4. Viral marketing takes some time to kick in but can be extremely effective! Other affiliates will spread your message acrossrepparttar 149156 Internet and displayrepparttar 149157 links to your opt-in page.

5. Overrepparttar 149158 longer term use linking strategy this option is a bit more work, so only use it once you have tested and know that you have a winner. Start trading links with related websites and you will see a great boost in traffic.

If you donít see immediate results donít give up, persevere and you will make it, but only if you donít quit! Understand that you should be building a long-term affiliate business with related residual income streams and not just something that makes you a few dollars per sale. If for any reason you stop advertising, you want to be in position to still have a solid business with a good income.

Mike Linley is the webmaster of http//www.worldmoneymarket.com and publishes an ezine. Just send a blank email to; worldmoneymarket.com@getresponse.com. You can find out how he found his way in cyberspace at http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-3411.

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