Have a Vision in the New Information (and Technological) Age...and for YOUR LIFE (Part Three)

Written by Craig Lock

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As I mentioned (stop repeating yourself - bad writing, Craig!), I believe an idea, a big helping of enthusiasm, together with a great deal of time and effort in implementing it, belief/ faith in yourself and your product or service, plus persistence (not necessarily in that order) isrepparttar key to marketing success and seeing one's vision turn into reality.

That is our ultimate vision and something we at Eagle Productions in association with Bill Rosoman of Nugrow Technologies here in Poverty Bay (oops er sorry, Eastland), Stephan and Erich are daily striving towards with all our energies and creative endeavours.

And then dreams and "fairy tales" do sometimes come true.

What you do today could repay you a hundred-fold tomorrow and there is just one rule: Asrepparttar 133560 Nike ad says,

"Just go for it following your entrepreneurial dream...

and just DO it with all you've got!"

Craig Lock

" Whateverrepparttar 133561 mind can conceive, can be achieved."

- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

.. and absolutely ANYTHING is possible."

As Jesus Christ said 2000 years ago, "Total faith can even move a mountain".

"Without a vision,repparttar 133562 people perish" -repparttar 133563 Bible

"We can all userepparttar 133564 internet to reach out torepparttar 133565 'global community' and build a better world in this new "Information Revolution" that is upon us. Just make a SMALL DIFFERENCE. Let's use it wisely, respect our diversity and unique cultures; yet celebrate a new world in union. One where, like your founding forefathers in America, you can first celebraterepparttar 133566 Independance Day ofrepparttar 133567 strong burning creative spirit that lies within each one of us. If set alight, it is a flame that will burn brightly for future generations on this planet... and perhaps even make your personal VISION ofrepparttar 133568 future a REALITY."


What will your grand-children one day be saying about you and what you were doing inrepparttar 133569 early days ofrepparttar 133570 INFORMATION AGE?

Could that perhaps be your "unique destiny" andrepparttar 133571 legacy that you leave on this planet?

Craig's books are available at: http://www.nzenterprise.com/writer/books.html http://www.novelty-gift.com/ebooks.html and http://www.bridgeniche.com/CLOCK/zaniestbooks.htm

Data-Blogs Technology.

Written by Camille Jacks

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eCriteria plans to offer licensing and channel partner opportunities for its Web database publishing technology forrepparttar purpose of integration with blog publishers.

A Word Fromrepparttar 133559 CEO

“Blogs represent an exciting new collaborative technology that’s beginning to find significant success in business settings,” says Dan D. Gutierrez, eCriteria’s founder and CEO. “We see broad-based market potential by embedding our secure Web databases in business blogs, and with this initiative we hope to help enhance their acceptance as a useful tool atrepparttar 133560 enterprise level.”

eCriteria is a self-funded spin-off venture of 18 year-old AMULET Development Corp. (www.amuletc.com), a database back-end web development and e-commerce integration firm based in Los Angeles. eCriteria defines a new genre of ASP called a Database Service Provider (DSP), providing a facility for quick, easy, and cost effective publishing of “shrink-wrap” web databases. eCriteria requires no programming or knowledge of databases. Usingrepparttar 133561 Web Database Publishing Wizard, Data Authors may create their own web databases in minutes. The site is located at www.eCriteria.net.

Public Relations Manager Amulet Development Corp. www.ecriteria.net www.amuletc.com

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