Have You Got Style?

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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When deciding uponrepparttar theme for your ad, start with one theme. Now examine it and re-examine it. Find as many different ways to use this theme as possible. Turn it inside out and upside down. Play with each new idea or variation ofrepparttar 101144 original theme that you come up with. Enjoy it, have fun with it, but get it all down on paper. Do yourself a favor, write down everything!

Got Rhythm?

Rhythm, cadence or flow; It's allrepparttar 101145 same and you have to have it! Great ad copy is always simple. Use short simple sentences, "active" verbs, rhyme, puns or wordplay and positive attitude. Normally you should use only active verbs. Pay heed when using "passive" verbs in your ad copy. Rhymes, puns, double meanings and wordplays make for most memorable of ad copy, but remember, keep it simple. If they don't get it, you don't get it. Get it? Another example of good rhythm is "parallel sentence construction". Here is an old, but good use of parallel construction in a headline: The Quality Goes In, Before The Name Goes On! (Sound familiar?). It doesn't matter which approach you take, as long asrepparttar 101146 copy has rhythm and flows from one point torepparttar 101147 next. Don't jump from point to point, move smoothly from one leading intorepparttar 101148 next.

I hope that this will help you write better ad copy and remember "Do it with Style"!

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Written by Lisa Lake

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3) Be specific. This isrepparttar most important thing you can do. Empty promises of "Get Rich quick!" sound like everyone else's generic empty promises. If you can give specifics, however,repparttar 101143 FACTS about your product or service will make it stand out fromrepparttar 101144 competition. This, of course, isrepparttar 101145 best way to go, since you are selling based onrepparttar 101146 strength and details of your offer.

There are a lot of businesses out there -- fortunately, there are also a lot of customers! To get those customers, however, you need to make sure that you distinguish yourself from allrepparttar 101147 others. With just a little creativity and a willingness to break fromrepparttar 101148 tried-and-true, you can start creatingrepparttar 101149 NEW generation of great classified ads!

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