Have You Experienced The "Jumping Frog" Disease??

Written by Michael Lemm

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But if you see dollar signs in every new thing that comes along, continually starting over.... Or you continually build & jump from one Biz to another, leaving disruption and turmoil in your wake....then it's a bad habit. A habit which weakens individual, company, and industry reputations.

Now I've been both a beneficiary and a victim ofrepparttar "Jumping Frog Disease". And I've been solicited many times to become a Jumping Frog myself.

It's no secret that I used to work both Cognigen and Melaleuca. My Cognigen organization has benefited fromrepparttar 122447 addition of a few former ACN, Excel, and ITI distributors (none of which I personally sponsored BTW). My Melaleuca business becamerepparttar 122448 victim of defections of most of my partners (upline) and downline to a weight loss start-up and a Melaleuca want to be. In fact I was even solicited by one company which was targeting Melaleuca members specifically.

My reaction to being a "victim" was to just keep doing what I was doing before. And to trust that God has good reasons for that happening. Maybe He was intending to send my way some new people who'd be better partners...or better "brothers & sisters"....or who needed something He wanted me to share. In other words I took a glass half full attitude. Although I did end up dropping Melaleuca soon thereafter (long story withrepparttar 122449 "raid" just 1 ofrepparttar 122450 reasons).

Personally I would never purposely recruit from another company. I have however listened to people who have come to me interested in possibly making a change. My approach with them is to focus on what is in their best interest.....not mine. Return to where they were...or find a better fit. Even if that better fit isn't with me and/or my company. Afterall...and I firmly believe this...it's about what you do FOR people not TO people....that matters most in our industry.

So...........(finally after all that rambling.... ) here are a few questions I throw out for you to think about:

1. What are good reasons for looking for a new opportunity...or when do you know it'srepparttar 122451 right time for a change?

2. How would you help someone honestly looking to make a change without damaging your own integrity?

3. What are bad reasons for jumping to another opportunity....or when do you know it's not a good time for a change?

4. What would you do if someone (or many someone's) jumped from your organization to another company?

Ok folks...you'll have to findrepparttar 122452 answers to these for yourself. Whatever that personal revelation is....will say a great deal about what kind of a professional and person you really are.

Michael is Moderator for MLMForums.com and the owner of FreedomFire Communications http://ld.net/mscprez . You can get more MLM tips, wit, and wisdom from Michael at http://Best-MLM-Resources.blogspot.com

....Is Network Marketing Easy??....

Written by Michael Lemm

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4. Web decals on your vehicle(s) is another inexpensive method. I have one on each of our family cars (back window) with a short "catch line" and my url. Cost was ~ $40 each butrepparttar visiblity is priceless.

5. Newspaper/magazine ads can be found that aren't going to cost an arm and a leg. Local publications are a good place to start. nationwidenewspapers.com is an excellent source. For some of my services I've found College student newspapers and alumni magazines to be good performers.

These are just a few examples.

Of course there arerepparttar 122446 traditional ezine ads, leads programs, Forum participation (sig line - branding reputation), search engines, "3 foot rule", etc. Most of these will cost you money...all will cost you time & effort.

The key I believe is in being creative and sticking to what best fits your time, effort, money combination. It is and should be a personal choice. Ifrepparttar 122447 dollar "cost" doesn't give yourepparttar 122448 dollar "value" you hope for....keep looking. But don't EVER give up.

Plus...diversify. Use multiple methods. Why limit yourself to just "one path"?

Should we just sponsor those willing to waste $1,000's advertising? Heck no!! We should sponsor anyone interested and teach them how to advertise in a manner best suited for them. Don't mislead them with false expectations or pressure them into uncomfortable actions. Lead them to solutions which best fit their expectations & abilities (time, effort, money).

John Milton Fogg's answer torepparttar 122449 question is priceless......"It is simple, but it isn't easy."

Captures it pretty well I'd say. That'srepparttar 122450 message. It's not hard to understand...should/is fun.....but does take some effort.

Sending any message to prospects that denies effort is involved or necessary....misleads folks into becoming part ofrepparttar 122451 "failed or quit" statistics.

It leads to false expectations.

They start to think they can sit onrepparttar 122452 couch with beer & potatoe chips watching Oprah on TV all day....andrepparttar 122453 money will roll in by itself.

Lays, Coronas, and Dr. Phil aren't going to build your business.

YOU are.

In my mind (OK...my opinion)....that'srepparttar 122454 core of any message they should receive.

If you really care...that's what you'll tell them.

Be honest....

What do YOU think????

Michael is Moderator for MLMForums.com and the owner of FreedomFire Communications http://ld.net/mscprez . You can get more MLM tips, wit, and wisdom from Michael at http://Best-MLM-Resources.blogspot.com

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