Have The Anti Spam Groups Lost Touch With Reality?

Written by John Colanzi

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Ah! The X-Files get even thicker!!

On that same day I receive an email to my abuse department.

I don't have an abuse department, but nobody said these groups were populated by geniuses.

The story even gets better. They were emailing me to report a spam complaint against a fellow publisher.

Maybe it's me, but it seems slightly foolish to send a complaint to:

1. A Non existent spam department.

2. Asking a board member of E-crucible to reprimand a fellow publisher.

Wait here'srepparttar kicker!!

I should punish him because one of my articles was in his newsletter.

I must be dumb as a stump. I never considered punishing a publisher for running my articles.

Whoa Daddy!! I'm an X-Filer and they'rerepparttar 132819 politically correct, sane, rational masters ofrepparttar 132820 internet.

If these arerepparttar 132821 geniuses rulingrepparttar 132822 web, I'm more than satisfied beingrepparttar 132823 dullest ax inrepparttar 132824 shed.

I owe them a debt of gratitude. Every time I find myself becoming too complacent, they send one of these foolish threats and get my blood flowing.

Inrepparttar 132825 words of Pat Benatar, "Hit me with your best shot, fire away."

I'm content beingrepparttar 132826 "Unforgiven,"

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi

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Tired of Bogus Spam Complaints? United We Stand ....

Written by June Campbell

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Garon andrepparttar writer sent an appeal to SpamCop. The response from SpamCop's "deputy" includedrepparttar 132817 following:"..."Ifrepparttar 132818 admin of this ezine would like to pursue punitive action againstrepparttar 132819 SpamCop user for filing a false complaint, we will need to see proof of opt-in confirmation. Otherwise, we will simply consider this matter closed..."

Now here'srepparttar 132820 kicker. SpamCop did not revealrepparttar 132821 name and email address ofrepparttar 132822 complainant. Without identification, how can Garon prove thatrepparttar 132823 subscriber had opted-in? Worse, withoutrepparttar 132824 email address, how can Garon removerepparttar 132825 subscriber from his list? What's to stoprepparttar 132826 same subscriber from filingrepparttar 132827 same complaint repeatedly? Again, it defies common sense.

As Garon wrote, 'To have to spend every day wondering if TODAY isrepparttar 132828 day some creep is going to falsely accuse you of Spam and cost you and your entire family everything you have put years of hard work into is MORE than a little scary."

To makerepparttar 132829 story even more bizarre, e-Crucible members state that they have reported real spammers to SpamCop with no results.

If you're an email publisher,repparttar 132830 shark attacks come from three sources: odious subscribers, vigilante organizations and ISPs and web hosts who shut you down without giving you a chance to defend yourself. As an individual, you can do little to changerepparttar 132831 situation.

Please consider signing up forrepparttar 132832 free e-Crucibles mailing list and help strengthen this little organization withrepparttar 132833 big goals. Sign up at http://www.topica.com/lists/e-Crucible/ or send email to mailto:e-Crucible-subscribe@topica.com

Please note: e-Crucible is NOT pro-spam. They are opposed to spurious spam complaints that put legitimate marketers in jeopardy.

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