Have PC-Will Crash

Written by Tim Ward

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These types of crashes usually end in you calling Tech Support which involves sitting onrepparttar phone for 4 hours after which a underpaid, overworked tech support representative who recently got fired from his job in airport security, will tell you that your computer is out of warranty and therefore you are not eligible for tech support. Unless you want to pay a small fee, in which case you can then be transfered to Advanced Fee-based Tech Support, where after waiting for only 2 hours,repparttar 118282 exact same Tech Support Representative you talked to before will tell you that he is going to send you an email that will show you how to fixrepparttar 118283 problem. You will hang up tired, but satisfied that you got results, until you realize that you can't get check your email because your computer has crashed.

The only course of action left to you now isrepparttar 118284 dreaded trip to repparttar 118285 computer repair shop. A trip that has never inrepparttar 118286 history of personal computers ended well. Oh,repparttar 118287 guys atrepparttar 118288 computer repair shop may look knowledgable, and they probably are, they just aren't going to putrepparttar 118289 knowledge to use on YOUR PC. Instead that knowledge is reserved for trying to find ways to conquerrepparttar 118290 Evil Wizard Gorlazx in Second Fuedal Region ofrepparttar 118291 online computer game Baalor's Revenge. Your machine will only get attention after hours and hours of Baalor's whenrepparttar 118292 computer repair guy has about 0.567 functioning brain cells left. That is why your PC always is ready a week later that promised and is never really technically fixed. It's 'fixed' in that it actual boots up now, but when it comes to doing something far-fetched like actually running a program you can forget about it. But look at it onrepparttar 118293 bright side, they probably will have installed a nice new Baalor's Revenge screensaver on your Pc, and so now you will at least have something nice to look at while you sit onrepparttar 118294 phone with Tech Support again.

But I guess that'srepparttar 118295 price we all pay forrepparttar 118296 luxury of modern technology. If you think about it, a few wasted hours onrepparttar 118297 phone and a few wasted weeks or months with no computer, are really small prices to pay for allrepparttar 118298 advantages we get while our PCs are working. And if you don't know what kind of 'advantages' I'm talking about, come over one day when my girlfriend's not here, I've got a few downloaded pictures to show you...

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Front Porch Chat

Written by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

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But, back to my suit. Between long hours at work and longer lines atrepparttar mall, I've treated myself too many times lately. I mean, I deserved to ride home with a diet coke and some Zaps CrawTaters. The good news is that I looked, and there's not a warning onrepparttar 118281 Zaps bag anywhere--not even a hint that consuming large quantities would make it hard to button my jeans. Seriously, I think they put something addictive in there! I'm trying to get a court order to look through their records. They should pay, don't you think? ~smile~ Passrepparttar 118282 CrawTaters...I need a fix.

Hugs, Shellie


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