Have Laptop Will Travel

Written by Jon Castle

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The good news is that our future is entirely in our hands. There are virtually unlimited home based business opportunities out there that can earn usrepparttar income we need while allowing usrepparttar 135483 freedom to travel. All we need is persistence, a laptop computer, and a wireless connection torepparttar 135484 internet—and maybe a map. Thenrepparttar 135485 question that we have to ask ourselves is not ‘how badly do I want freedom’ but rather, ‘how hard am I willing to work for it?’

Building a home business during our free time leaves little time for us to unwind after our regular job. This sounds difficult, and it is, but it should be viewed as a temporary sacrifice. Think of building a home-based business as whittling away atrepparttar 135486 prison bars of your cell after a long hard day breaking rocks for ‘the man.’ Do you want to break rocks your whole life for a brief daily respite, or would you rather double your work so that one day you can escape altogether?

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We are each a single drop of rain strafed by the wind to merge with other droplets and thereby form an ocean. For unconventional home business wisdom, home business opportunities, and more please visit Jon Castle’s website http://www.AmericanHouseDad.com

Getting Unstuck

Written by Natasha J. Rosewood

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So just for today, give yourself permission to see your situation differently. Sit down, put your feet up, take a load off and readrepparttar following ten tips to honoring stuckness.

1. Accept what is now. Everything is in perfect divine right order. Therefore, you are not stuck, just resting.

2. Let your life unfold naturally. If you are unable to make a decision, it means you do not have allrepparttar 135482 information yet. Wait and trust.

3. Ask for help. Consult your psychic, coach, counselor, spirit guides or angels. Be open to a different perspective.

4. Throw an “idea party.” Brainstorm, exchange ideas, give and receive support.

5. Invite someone you admire to be your mentor. (Most people love to give advice!)

6. Recognize that you are not stuck, merely regrouping and preparing for a new life. Be thankful forrepparttar 135483 pause and know that what is yours will come to you.

7. Decide to see your life as a movie and write your dreams into your script.

8. Be honest with yourself. What do you really, really want? Pursuerepparttar 135484 most exciting and/or scary options.

9. Feelrepparttar 135485 fear and, even if you are you terrified of success or happiness, do it anyway. That’srepparttar 135486 time when you will feel really ALIVE!

10. Take one action every day towards that bigger picture. No matter how smallrepparttar 135487 deed, you are still moving forward.

And you are no longer stuck.

Natasha J. Rosewood is a Psychic Coach, Facilitator and Author of Aaagh! I Think I’m Psychic (And You Can Be Too). For details about her services, to purchase her book, read more articles or subscribe to her newsletter visit: www.natashapsychic.com.

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