Has Google Lost the Plot?

Written by Courtney Heard

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This begsrepparttar question, optimization or no optimization, what, exactly, isrepparttar 128077 problem with a quality, informative web site reaching number one for a search query that is probably conducted specifically to find that exact site? Hasrepparttar 128078 focus and aim of Google changed from offering relevancy to satisfied searchers to simply impedingrepparttar 128079 progress of SEOs? Is Googleís main concern now, to stop individuals from helping a site reach number one? It can seem that way, canít it? And I can only say one thing about it. Bad move, Google.

Iíve heard a few people say that itís just a transition period. That all web sites are inrepparttar 128080 same boat, everyoneís waiting to seerepparttar 128081 fruits of their optimization labour. Perhaps this is true, and perhaps overrepparttar 128082 next little while we will see changes at Google that make our jaws drop, impressed atrepparttar 128083 level of perfection we never thought possible. But I think maybe Google needs to re-focus their energies. Takerepparttar 128084 focus back torepparttar 128085 user, notrepparttar 128086 SEOs. Get back torepparttar 128087 near-impeccable relevancy level before I start using MSN to learn about all my favorite authors.

Courtney Heard is the founder of Abalone Designs, a search engine optimization company in Vancouver, Canada. She has been involved in web development and marketing since 1995 and has helped start several businesses since then in the Vancouver area. More of Courtney's articles are available at http://www.abalone.ca/resources/.

Improving the Link Popularity Of Your Site

Written by Sumantra Roy

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6) Writing articles and allowing them to be re-published

This is by far one ofrepparttar best ways of improvingrepparttar 128076 link popularity of your site, and one of my favorites. Whenever I write an article on search engine placement, I first publish it in my newsletter and then I publishrepparttar 128077 article in my site as a separate web page. I also submit it torepparttar 128078 following article submission sites:

http://www.ezinearticles.com/add_url.html http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.marketing-seek.com/articles/submit.shtml http://certificate.net/wwio/ideas.shtml http://www.web-source.net/articlesub.htm

Many webmasters and ezine publishers frequent these article directories in search of articles. Submitting my articles to these directories gives themrepparttar 128079 opportunity of re-publishing my articles. While I have had some success with each ofrepparttar 128080 above directories, by farrepparttar 128081 best among them isrepparttar 128082 ezinearticles.com directory.

Now, atrepparttar 128083 end of each article, I mention that people are free to re-publishrepparttar 128084 article as long as they include my resource box (i.e. my bio) atrepparttar 128085 end ofrepparttar 128086 article. I always includerepparttar 128087 URL of my site inrepparttar 128088 resource box. This means that whenever someone publishes one of my articles in his/her web site, I have another site linking to my site. Also, many ezine publishers archive their ezines in their web sites. If they have re-published my article in a particular issue, I again get a link.

Writing articles is also an excellent viral marketing tool. As some webmasters and ezine publishers publish my articles, other webmasters and ezine publishers will read my article. Some of them, in turn, will publish my article, which will again be read by other webmasters and ezine publishers, some of whom will publish it... and so on.

Also, since only web sites related to mine would be interested in publishing my articles, all these links tend to come from related sites, which, as I mentioned earlier, are more valuable than links from unrelated sites.

Writing articles, of course, has another very important benefit - if you write good articles, it makes you known as an expert in your field. This helps to improve your credibility, which makes people more comfortable about buying your products or services.

Some notes about writing articles:

i) I have learnt through experience that some webmasters will publish other people's articles and will displayrepparttar 128089 complete resource box but will not link torepparttar 128090 URL mentioned inrepparttar 128091 resource box. In order to prevent this, you need to explicitly state thatrepparttar 128092 article can be published only ifrepparttar 128093 URL mentioned inrepparttar 128094 resource box is linked to your site.

ii) Your resource box should not be too long - it should be no more than 6 lines long, formatted at 65 characters per line. Otherwise, other webmasters and ezine publishers will hesitate to publish your article.

7) Submitting torepparttar 128095 directories

This is by farrepparttar 128096 most important step as far as improvingrepparttar 128097 link popularity of your site is concerned. As I mentioned before, what is important is not onlyrepparttar 128098 number of links to your site, but alsorepparttar 128099 quality ofrepparttar 128100 links to your site. No links are as important as links from some ofrepparttar 128101 major directories like Yahoo!,repparttar 128102 Open Directory etc. However, Yahoo! currently requires a payment of $299 per year in order to list any commercial site. Paying them $299 per year just to improve your link popularity is probably not cost effective. But,repparttar 128103 Open Directory is free, and you should definitely get your site listed inrepparttar 128104 Open Directory.

Also, you should submit your site to as many ofrepparttar 128105 smaller directories as possible. You can get a list of such directories at http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Internet/World_Wide_W eb/Searching_the_Web/Search_Engines_and_Directories/.

8) Exchanging links with other webmasters

The single-most effective way of improvingrepparttar 128106 link popularity of your site is to exchange links with other webmasters who have sites which are related to yours, but are not direct competitors. This is called reciprocal linking.

However,repparttar 128107 problem with this method isrepparttar 128108 sheer amount of time it takes if you were to do it manually.

If you decide to do this manually, you can easily expect to spend hundreds of hours on this activity alone.

Here's what you need to do:

i) You need to userepparttar 128109 search engines to find sites related to yours that are not direct competitors by typing in some keywords that are related to your site.

ii) You also need to find sites that link to your competitors.

iii) You need to visit these sites and see if they actually exchange links.

iv) If you decide that you want to exchange links with a particular site, you need to find out exactly how it wants you to link to it from your site.

v) You then need to manually add a link to this site in your site.

vi) Then, you need to find outrepparttar 128110 email address ofrepparttar 128111 owner ofrepparttar 128112 website and sendrepparttar 128113 owner a personalized email requesting that he/she adds a link to your site in return.

vii) In many cases, you will not be able to locaterepparttar 128114 email address ofrepparttar 128115 owner simply becauserepparttar 128116 owner has not published any email address onrepparttar 128117 site. In that case, allrepparttar 128118 effort that you had put into evaluating whether or notrepparttar 128119 site is suitable for exchanging links will have been a waste of time.

viii) If you do manage to locaterepparttar 128120 email address, you need to send a personalized and customized email torepparttar 128121 website owner.

ix) You then need to wait and see whether this site is willing to exchange links with you.

x) Ifrepparttar 128122 site is not willing to link to you, you need to removerepparttar 128123 link torepparttar 128124 site from your site. Once again, allrepparttar 128125 effort that you had put into evaluatingrepparttar 128126 site, linking to it and sending an email torepparttar 128127 owner will have been a waste of time.

You have to repeatrepparttar 128128 same process all over again forrepparttar 128129 next site that you want to exchange links with.

Obviously, there has to be a better way. And there is!

Luckily for you, I have developed a ground-breaking new software called LinkExplore that completely automatesrepparttar 128130 entire process of exchanging links with other website owners, thus saving you hundreds of hours of your time.

I had originally developedrepparttar 128131 software for my own needs but later decided to make it available to other website owners as well.

Go torepparttar 128132 following URL to learn more aboutrepparttar 128133 software: http://www.LinkExplore.com/t.php?4901

Article by Sumantra Roy. Sumantra is one of the most respected search engine positioning specialists on the Internet. Have Sumantra's Company place your site at the top of the search engines. Visit: http://the-easy-way.com/main.html For more advice on how you can take your web site to the top of the search engines, subscribe to his FREE NEWSLETTER: http://the-easy-way.com/newsletter.html

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