Harness the Web to Sell Your Home

Written by Jacqui O'Brien

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Take your photos Use a digital camera to take your pictures if at all possible. You can take prints and scan them but there is always a loss of quality. Photographrepparttar front of your house and allrepparttar 147073 best features,repparttar 147074 nicest rooms,repparttar 147075 best corner ofrepparttar 147076 garden,repparttar 147077 great view if you have one. Take loads. Now choose onlyrepparttar 147078 best few pictures and makerepparttar 147079 image sizes as small as possible. If your image manipulation software allows you to optimise forrepparttar 147080 web, do it, it makes a very big difference to download times. Put it all together Now put together your main webpage. Use a simple design with a pale background, dark text and go easy onrepparttar 147081 animated icons! You want people to look at your house, not be distracted by a garish design. You also want it to load fast so only putrepparttar 147082 best picture ofrepparttar 147083 front of your house on this page. Add your written details. Put extra photos on separate pages, only a few to a page. Use informative links, for example ‘Click here for pictures of our large mature garden’ is good, ‘more pictures’ won’t invite many people to look. Give them even more! There are several websites which offer maps ofrepparttar 147084 UK which you can link to. Help prospective buyers find you easily by adding this to your page. If you know a bit about technical drawing you could make your own floor plans and include them inrepparttar 147085 website – this would be a real bonus as they are still quite unusual. Finally if you are a wizard with a video camera you could have a go at making your own virtual tour. Finally, add your contact details Now include your phone number and an email address. You may want to use a free ‘disposable’ email address for this, because putting your email address onrepparttar 147086 web will tend to attract spam. Alternatively there are many websites that will produce a scrambled version of your email address which will work perfectly but cannot be read by spammers. Now all you need to do is upload your website. You can submitrepparttar 147087 website to search engines and don’t forget to includerepparttar 147088 website address (URL) with your emails, flyers, newspaper advertisements, on your ‘For Sale’ sign, and link to it from FSBO websites.

Jacqui O’Brien is the owner of A Home of my Own, the directory of UK Private Seller property websites where you can also list your own home webpage for free

Succession Planning: Problems Getting Started

Written by Dr. Michael A. S. Guth, Ph.D., J.D.

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Succession planning would not be needed ifrepparttar owner intended to wind down operations upon his retirement, but only 4% ofrepparttar 147050 Canadian small and medium businesses that responded torepparttar 147051 CFIB plan to close down their firms. The response from American small business owners would probably be similar. Yet without adequate succession planning,repparttar 147052 firms could be in disarray uponrepparttar 147053 owners’ retirement and unfortunatelyrepparttar 147054 businesses might fade away.

Inevitably, succession planning forces many owners to agonize over whether to pass on their business to family, employees, or a private buyer. They also worry about selling atrepparttar 147055 right price and finding a buyer who will treatrepparttar 147056 business and staff well. All of this planning occurs at a time when they are considering retirement andrepparttar 147057 other changes in their life that will occur when they are no longer running a business. As a rule of thumb, business should start developing a succession plan at least five years beforerepparttar 147058 owner hopes to step aside or as soon asrepparttar 147059 corporation acquires capital assets with significant value. It can take up to two years to sell a small business.

About 30 per cent of successions featurerepparttar 147060 previous owner advancing a loan or seller financing torepparttar 147061 buyer, because small business bank loans are difficult to get from a bank. When there are no family members interested, small business owners should consider handling their succession through life insurance. But few small and medium business owners have that kind of foresight.

Dr. Michael A. S. Guth, Ph.D., J.D., is a risk management consultant and practicing attorney at law based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He specializes in developing investment strategies and strategic plans for small and medium-sized companies.He can be reached through web page http://riskmgmt.biz/economist.htm

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