Harness Your Personal Power

Written by Francoise Rapp

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* Maintain a journal expressing your needs and wants; * Preparerepparttar aromatic blend below. Pour a few drops intorepparttar 123940 palm of your hands and inhale deeply several times throughoutrepparttar 123941 day. * Anoint your solar plexus and sacrum withrepparttar 123942 aromatic blend while sayingrepparttar 123943 following affirmation three times aloud: "As I harness my power, I recognizerepparttar 123944 strength and beauty of who I am."

******** Blend to Harness Your Personal Power ******** To preparerepparttar 123945 blend, pourrepparttar 123946 essential oils in a 10ml bottle and then add an organic vegetable oil to fill, such as sweet almond, jojoba or safflower. -10 drops Rosemary -9 drops Lemon -7 drops Bay leaves (or Laurel) -7 drops Cypress

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Beyond SMART Goals

Written by Myrtis Smith

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6. Identify potential obstacles. What are things, that you know, right now, could hold you back from reaching your goal? Maybe you spend a lot of time playing computer games when your time would be better spent doing research for your new business; deleterepparttar games.

7. Identify a single daily action. What isrepparttar 123939 one thing you could do every day, that will help propel you towards your goal? Take a 15 minute walk? Make a sales call to a potential client? Its notrepparttar 123940 big spectacular events that get us where we need to be. Itsrepparttar 123941 little things we do everyday.

8. Identify a support structure. What people, things or processes can provide you encouragement? You could find 2 or 3 other friends who are trying to lose weight, and have a weekly support meeting. You could post your business plan on your office wall as a constant reminder to what you're working towards.

9. Identify rewards. In order for a goal to be SMART it must be personally rewarding and little rewards alongrepparttar 123942 way will make achieving your goal that much more fun. Maybe every time you lose 10 pounds you buy a new outfit. Maybe once you get your business plan complete you take a day off and go torepparttar 123943 park. We all know what they say about all work and no play; remember to enjoyrepparttar 123944 journey.

10. What's next? This is not "what are you going to do after you accomplish your goal?" This is "what are you going to do after you read this article?" The journey to achievement starts now, not tomorrow.

Myrtis Smith is a personal coach. She works with people who are undergoing a career change. Sign up for her free newsletter Change Now! at www.premeditatedlife.com or send an email to changenow@premeditatedlife.com Premeditated Life .......because life doesn't just happen!

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