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Written by Robert Imbriale

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All I want to do is getrepparttar prospect to RESPOND by going to my web site. So I give them enough information to get them curious and then let them come to my site to getrepparttar 101132 whole story.

You could also run a contest and userepparttar 101133 words, "You Could Win" alongrepparttar 101134 top of your postcard. I tested this headline a few weeks ago for one of my clients, (http://www.welburngourdfarm.com) andrepparttar 101135 results were amazing! In just a few short days, they had received thousands of visits to their site because of this one little postcard!

Your postcard must simply attract attention and then sendrepparttar 101136 reader to your web site. NEVER try to SELL offrepparttar 101137 postcard! There is simply not enough room to convince a prospect to make a purchasing decision. And I know that your natural temptation is to try and tell them about EVERYTHING that you have to offer. DON'T DO IT! Stay focused, keep it short and you'll see thousands of people on your web site in just days!

Get your list together, (or rent a list from a list broker) print your labels, place a mere 20-cent postage stamp on each postcard and drop them off at your nearest Post Office. There is not that much to this form of promotion, and it will be well worth your efforts, if you followrepparttar 101138 simple guidelines I've just outlined for you.

My very first online marketing promotion was a postcard mailing that I used to promote my very first online marketing venture in 1989. Atrepparttar 101139 time I invested less than $200 to print and mail my postcards and made over $5,000.00 in sales!

The good news is that postcards are just as profitable today as they were then! So, go get some postcards made up, bring them to your local printer and get a few thousand copies made. In days, you'll see a nice jump in traffic to your web site - and your profits!

This is one great marketing tip and I've got at least 20 more on my CD called, "21 Ways to Promote Your Web Site." Get yourself a copy right now at www.ultimatewealth.com and you'll be on your way to Internet profits without investing a fortune in advertising!

Robert Imbriale is an internationally known Internet Marketing Expert who has helped sell well over $100 Million in products and services over the Internet. He is the author of several books, including his latest, "Internet Mareting Secrets" which you can get for free by going to http://www.ultimatewealth.com Robert can be reached via e-mail at robert@ultimatewealth.com


Written by Richard Igoe

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The more specific your keyword or phrase,repparttar easier it is to get a high ranking. A page optimized for "Chinese herbal tea" should get a good ranking much more easily than a page optimized for "tea", because there would be a lot fewer sites trying to have well-positioned pages.

What we are saying therefore is that you need to use keywords that directly describe your product or service. If you are paying someone to do it for you, make sure you tell themrepparttar 101131 exact search phrases you want your site to be found with.

Designing a number of "doorway" pages, each page optimized for a different keyword or phrase, will multiply your traffic. ALSO remember that search engines don't all userepparttar 101132 same set of rules (algorithms) to rank your pages. Some might place more emphasis onrepparttar 101133 META tags while others may spiderrepparttar 101134 content.

You can take your page optimization one step further now, and create a doorway page not only for each keyword, but for each ofrepparttar 101135 major search engines. So it is quite easy to have 30 doorway pages for one product or service - 3 different keywords and 10 search engines. To do this properly involves searching for your keyword on a particular search engine and then analyzing whatrepparttar 101136 top 5 or 10 sites have in common. You can then optimize your own page based onrepparttar 101137 results of your search. Doing this manually is not time-efficient when you can get software to do it for you.

There are a few good software packages that will spider your web pages, compare them withrepparttar 101138 top "X" results for a particular search, and then let you know what you should change. They can also monitor, keep track of your positions inrepparttar 101139 different search engines, and schedule your submissions. Optimizing your pages is still time consuming but if you are prepared to spend an hour a day creating a new doorway page, you will soon be able to create your own "traffic puller" onrepparttar 101140 web.

You will find details of how to get WordTracker and free trials of Webpage optimizing software at our website - http://www.TheWebsEYE.com/search-engines.htm.

Richard Igoe, - http://www.TheWebsEYE.com - FOCUSSING on the ESSENTIALS of website design, promotion and internet marketing.

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