Hardwood 101

Written by Dave Markel

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Ash has a good workability and is able to hold a screw or nail quite well. Ash also takes glue well.

Ash is easy to work with and takes a finish well.

Mahogany Mahogany can reachrepparttar towering heights of 175 feet or more and have a butressed trunk several feet in diameter.

Mahogany has a light purple or pink heartwood which darkens after being exposed torepparttar 116183 air. In contrastrepparttar 116184 sapwood is an off-white to yellow color. Mahogany has a medium to course texture.

Mahogany is somewhat tricky to work with. Sharp tools are a must to preventrepparttar 116185 grain from being torn. Mahogany is quite easy to get a good surface for finishing and takes glue well.

Butternut Butternut (Juglans cinerea) can be found inrepparttar 116186 south east United States and into southern Ontario and Quebec. Butternut can normally be found along clearings andrepparttar 116187 edge of forests.

The tree itself grows quite tall sometimes reaching one hundred feet tall and 3 feet in diameter.

In general butternut has a white or light brown sapwood with brown or chestnut heartwood.

Butternut is easy to work with and takes a finish well.

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Radio Control Cars - Which Type Is Right for You or Your Child?

Written by Michael Holland

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Capable of reaching speeds of up to 80 miles per hour (withrepparttar amazing Schumacher Nitro SST Fusion model), these cars provide intense thrills for people of all ages.

If you opt to buyrepparttar 116182 high-ticket models of radio control cars, your expenses don't stop withrepparttar 116183 initial purchase.

There are fuels costs, maintenance costs, and money that you'll want to spend on all of those very cool accessories such as custom wheels and tires, enhanced radio transmitters, light kits, custom shock absorbers, carrying cases, display stands, souped-up engines, and a lot more.

If you are just starting out inrepparttar 116184 radio control car hobby, I suggest that you purchase one ofrepparttar 116185 inexpensive electric or gas models first. This will enable you to getrepparttar 116186 hang ofrepparttar 116187 hobby without investing a lot. If you decide that you're hooked, you can always trade up torepparttar 116188 more powerful (and expensive) models.

One ofrepparttar 116189 great things about being a radio control car hobbyist is how many other people share your interests.

There are thousands upon thousands of enthusiasts inrepparttar 116190 U.S. alone.

You'll find clubs, race teams, retailers, magazines, Internet user groups, book, and even videos that will help you learn more, meet new friends, and stay current onrepparttar 116191 happenings on this great family hobby.

Michael Holland is the creator of http://www.rc-car-fun.com. His site offers lots of free tips for buying, building, and racing rc cars and trucks.

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