Hardcore Sales Vs. The Relationship Part III: Tips and Techniques For Relationship Selling!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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A sure fire way to know if their is something wrong with your relationship selling approach is to examinerepparttar relationship you have with current clients. Wasrepparttar 127425 relationshiprepparttar 127426 same before they became your client as it was after? Did you then lack confidence that you now exhibit (afterwards), while showing them you really are as good as you said your were? You are probably losing customers from exhibiting that lack of confidence going in. Perhaps you'rerepparttar 127427 opposite, you're actually more confident withrepparttar 127428 sell, than you are withrepparttar 127429 service or product. In that case, I would have to say it's time to change products. Nevertheless, confidence isrepparttar 127430 key note here. Your listener must know you are confident enough to introduce it, for them to be confident enough to buy it.

I'm one of those rare breed who sometimes enjoy listening to telemarketers and insurance agents (to a point). Not for any sales tips I can use, but for any bad habits I may still unwittingly be using. When it comes to Hard Sales, these guys are like dinosaurs. If any part of their sales pitch starts to sound familiar, stop and re-examine your Relationship Selling. Point being; Be sure that those annoying little sales pitches don't ring a bell with your own approach. Sometimes it can be downright hard not to come off sounding like a salesman.

All kinds of things can build or destroy a good relationship. This is whererepparttar 127431 word "Alignment" comes in. You must align yourself with your prospective client. If your prospective client is a frat house and you're inrepparttar 127432 DJ business, you would hardly show up in a suit and tie, unless of course you want these boys to eat you alive. Onrepparttar 127433 other hand you don't want to meetrepparttar 127434 president of an accounting firm wearing sandals and a tie-dye tee shirt either. But it goes much farther than appearance. It's in your language, your mannerisms andrepparttar 127435 way you move. Everything about you should align with what your client needs to see and hear.

Most relationships in your life are built without a second thought. It's simple action-reaction. Two strangers meet. One says "good morning" (action),repparttar 127436 other responds "good morning to you" (reaction). Soon you're talking about what you do for a living and so on. A simple, subconscious event. Action-Reaction starts a relationship, but planned action-response relationships often require research and planning. You want to leadrepparttar 127437 conversation in a certain direction, so you knowrepparttar 127438 response to their reaction to cuerepparttar 127439 next reaction-response. Remember, you're a guide. Leadrepparttar 127440 conversation inrepparttar 127441 direction you want, without using sales pitches, buzz words or mentioning products or services. The trick is to lead them torepparttar 127442 point of asking you what you want to tell them.

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Writing Sales Letters That Work!

Written by Merle

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Always offer an "unconditional money back guarantee." A strong guarantee convinces a customer that they have nothing to lose by trying your product.

Use courier font in your letter and if possible scan or write a handwritten signature. Studies have shown that blue works best forrepparttar signature, whilerepparttar 127424 rest ofrepparttar 127425 letter should be in black. Atrepparttar 127426 end ofrepparttar 127427 letter make sure you add a P.S. line. Besidesrepparttar 127428 headline,repparttar 127429 P.S. isrepparttar 127430 next thing that grabsrepparttar 127431 viewer's attention.

Some may just readrepparttar 127432 headline andrepparttar 127433 P.S. and just scanrepparttar 127434 rest ofrepparttar 127435 letter, so you want to make them stand out. The P.S. should repeat your product's strongest benefits. That's right, I said "benefit," not "feature." If you don't knowrepparttar 127436 difference between benefits and features, you should. A benefit is what your product or service will do forrepparttar 127437 potential client. A feature ofrepparttar 127438 product describes it -- for example, "red" or "6 inches in height." Remember this simple fact and you'll do well inrepparttar 127439 "crazy" world of sales.

Now that your letter is complete, drop it in a #10 envelope and send it off. If you've done a good job and followedrepparttar 127440 advice above, those orders will start pouring in.

That, my friend, wasrepparttar 127441 benefit of reading this article!

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