Hardcore Sales Vs. The Relationship Part II: Building A Relationship With Your Prospect!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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Staying low-key and creating an atmosphere of "no- pressure" is imperative. Remember; portray confidence, not arrogance. This is what Relationship Selling is all about. You want your prospect to feel at ease, not backed up into a corner waiting to strike out at whatever you have to say.

Above all, learn how to handle and deal with rejection in a positive manner. If you have carried yourself confidently explained allrepparttar details and they tell you "no sale", it may be that they were not a good prospect inrepparttar 127428 first place. It could also mean that they are indeed still a good prospect and they simply don't know it yet.

Next week, I'll pass on some techniques used inrepparttar 127429 process of relationship building and selling. Until then my friend work hard carrying yourself with confidence and honesty.

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I hope you can join me next week for Part III: "Tips and Techniques For Relationship Selling"

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Written by Leni Chauvin

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--Make your office a pleasant place to be

--Give everyone on your staff a pumpkin at Halloween and put candy on everyone's desk

--Take your staff and their families on a hay ride

--Have an ice skating party

--Had a good year? Share it with your employees inrepparttar form of a bonus

--Put a miniature flag on their desk on national holidays

--Praise them when praise is due --Sponsor family barbecues

--Start a softball team

--Send anniversary cards markingrepparttar 127427 anniversary of when they joined your company

--Give them a sweat shirt with your company name on it when they start work. It's a marketing tool for you and for them, and a nice gesture which says, "Welcome to our team."

--Have a wine and cheese party inrepparttar 127428 office once a month

--Let them know your door is always open

--Ask about their familiy members and use their names when you do.

--Treat them with respect

--Stock your kitchen area with munchies

--Celebrate Christmas in July! Takerepparttar 127429 team out to lunch inrepparttar 127430 summer as well as atrepparttar 127431 end ofrepparttar 127432 year

--Hold an employee appreciation day

--Place a gift certificate to Starbucks on everyone's desk

--Send a a postcard to everyone inrepparttar 127433 office when you're on vacation

--Out ofrepparttar 127434 blue, hire a bunch of kids to wash everyone's car

--Ask your employees for referrals!!!

Other companies may do some of these things, but how many do LOTS of them? Try it. You'll wind up with happy employees who beget happy employees who beget happy employees, and on and on and on! Now you have not only retained your employees, but you've attracted more ofrepparttar 127435 same caliber. These suggestions are inexpensive and, I guarantee you, will pay you far more than they cost!

Leni Chauvin is an executive, business, and and personal success coach and an expert in building business through strong referral networks. She works with individuals and groups who want to play a bigger game and who are ready to ³go for it!² Visit http://www.superstarnetworking.com to learn more and to subscribe to NETWORKING GAZETTE, Leni¹s FREE e-mail newsletter packed with tips to help you grow your business AND your life.

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