Happy Chic at Parker Meridian Palm Springs Resorts

Written by Janice Wilson

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The first mise-en-scene that drew me in was filled with mantiques that mesmerized me. There was a suit of armor, a comfortable vintage Palm Springs velvet-covered sectional that looked exotic becauserepparttar pillows were made from Moroccan bridal shawls. Placed onrepparttar 140528 white-lacquered hexagonal cocktail table were Adler’s own handmade bowl and vases, givingrepparttar 140529 setting a high gloss glamour. When I looked up atrepparttar 140530 ceiling a loopy glass Vistosi chandelier fromrepparttar 140531 1960s hung overhead. It was all playfully chic and reminiscent of bygone times when Elvis and Ann-Margaret partied together.

Party and fun arerepparttar 140532 operative words for this place. The rest ofrepparttar 140533 lobby was exuberant with a “rich hippie” mix with two Edwardian-style sofas draped in embroidered suzanis from Uzbekistan, and a latte-colored rug that had an exaggerated Moroccan pattern. The terrazzo-topped table looked like a souvenir from a souk. Gio Ponti’s walnut chairs and a geometric brass chandelier also fromrepparttar 140534 '60s mixed and matched withrepparttar 140535 panache ofrepparttar 140536 incomparable Italian elegance. There was a fully stocked lobby jeweled mini bar with Lucite bar stools and an inviting bartender that couldn’t wait to show off his magnificent array of martini blends. A free standing fire pit anchoredrepparttar 140537 back party lounge that was complete with a round seating area. The room was sexy and shaped with gorgeous curves in allrepparttar 140538 right places. “Latin-moderne” string draperies and lacquered floor lamps were big, bold and beautiful. Swinging in one ofrepparttar 140539 wicker chairs that hung fromrepparttar 140540 ceiling made me look like a blast fromrepparttar 140541 past.

The décor atrepparttar 140542 Parker engaged my mind and sensibilities to see my surroundings with new eyes.

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Top 10 Tips For Taking Road Trips With Kids

Written by Kat Saveal

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7. Play car games. A favorite of ours is ‘Cops and Vette’s’. One point is given for every police car spotted and two points are given for Corvette’s. But if you call a car and it’s not correct then you deductrepparttar points. It even helps to spot that hidden police car before he spots you!

8. Bring plenty of pillows and blankets. Children are more likely to sleep inrepparttar 140478 car if they are comfortable.

9. If you plan to stay somewhere overnight before travelingrepparttar 140479 next day, pack everything you need forrepparttar 140480 night in one bag. That way when you get torepparttar 140481 hotel you don’t have to unloadrepparttar 140482 whole car. I buyrepparttar 140483 biggest Ziploc bags I can find and put my children’s clothes in them and write their name on it. Then I only take what is needed.

10. Checkrepparttar 140484 hotels to see if they offer free breakfast. Our favorite hotel to stay in is Holiday Inn. Kids stay and eat free. If we arrive atrepparttar 140485 hotel inrepparttar 140486 evening, they can eat dinner for free and then breakfastrepparttar 140487 next morning. Once again it saves on costs, especially if you pack your own lunch.

I hope these tips help you on your next road trip.

Kat Saveal Co-owner, The Cue Zone http://www.thecuezone.com

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