Handling Your Email Addresses

Written by Lester Boey

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Email forwarding allows you to have multiple email personalities. With email forwarding, you can setup aliases for other email accounts like

joe@mycompany.com forwarded to web-designs@definiteweb.com

joe@myothercompany.com forwarded to web-designs@definiteweb.com

joe@personalwebsite.com forwarded to web-designs@definiteweb.com

It makes tracking of emails easy; especially when you have multiple email accounts to check on.

--Mailing Lists--

It will be userful if you can send out emails to a large number of users. Start up with collecting opt-in email addresses from interested parties and send monthly promotions of your business products and services. Before long, your mailing list will be your another marketing channel of your business.

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Are You a Hosting Hostage?

Written by John Calder

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Their service may suffer at some point, perhaps due to sale ofrepparttar company, support staff cutbacks, problems within their network, and a variety of other reasons. You may want to change hosting companies for good reason. But if you've set up your entire site usingrepparttar 134354 software your hosting company offers, you won't necessarily be able to take those software packages with you. You can probably find another hosting company that offersrepparttar 134355 same software, but you'll still have to transfer all of your databases and configuration settings yourself.

One way to help eliminate this problem is to use third-party services where you can - for example, autoresponder services and visitor tracking are good candidates. Your next best choice is to install your own free or paid scripts, that you can delete and reinstall on another server, should a move be necessary.

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