Handcrafted Cigar Box Purses

Written by Hilery Hixon

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These purses are as diverse asrepparttar artists that create them!

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The Different Styles of Tents Available Today

Written by Ian Wide

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GEODESIC TENTS - Geodesic tents are a variation of dome tents, modified for improved stability. They are framed and set uprepparttar same way, butrepparttar 141686 framing poles cross and interconnect at various points for strength and stability. The advantages arerepparttar 141687 same as those offered by dome tents, though they may be a bit more difficult to set up.

EXPEDITION TENTS - Also known as touring tents, these tents generally combine a ridge and dome tent into one. They are ideal 'settling in' tents, and often include a large 'porch' area for shade and shelter. They will often have windows as well. Expedition tents are roomy and comfortable, and designed to allow easy standing inside.

FAMILY TENTS - family tents are composite tents that usually include sleeping compartments on either side of a central living area. The main tent area may be either ridge construction or dome construction. The side areas allow privacy for sleeping.

FESTIVAL TENTS - For special occasions like a wedding or large party, festival tents can provide shelter fromrepparttar 141688 weather for guests. Generally, they are rented byrepparttar 141689 day forrepparttar 141690 event, and are often assembled byrepparttar 141691 rental company. They're available in a wide variety of colors and styles to fit any event and most budgets.

BEACH TENTS - Beach tents come in almost as many varieties as tents themselves. Most are lightweight, of ripstop nylon and fiberglass pole construction. The newest are 'pop-up' tents that store flat and open out in seconds to a full size shelter fromrepparttar 141692 sun and weather.

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