Handbags as a Symbol of Female Power

Written by Henrietta Timmons

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Negotiations are underway forrepparttar famous handbag to be placed in a museum that houses Winston Churchill's papers and historical documents fromrepparttar 126071 War. There is no indication that Mr. Churchill's wallet is stored in this prestigious collection but, then again, Margaret Thatcher wasrepparttar 126072 first woman to impose her powerful presense (and pocketbook!) on 10 Downing Street!

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Difficult People: Understanding WHY, not WHAT

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, EQ & Life Coach

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Here’s another example of getting it atrepparttar meta level.

Harry said when he retired he wanted to get away from it all. He retired to Comfort, Texas (great name isn’t it, and a place where many people retire), bought 12 acres of land and turned 11 of them into a natural habitat. He can seerepparttar 126070 stars at night, and hearrepparttar 126071 birds duringrepparttar 126072 daytime. He putters aroundrepparttar 126073 house listening to music, reading, spending time onrepparttar 126074 Internet. His social life consists of his wife and occasionally his grown children. He rarely leaves his land.

Martha, too, wanted to get away from it all when she retired. She bought a house in an active retirement community in Alabama’s Gulf Coast, and bought a catamaran. She fills her days with volunteer activities, entertaining on land and on sea, daycaring her grandchildren after school, and taking commercial cruises every several months, traveling all overrepparttar 126075 world on group tours.

What’s up with that? Harry have been a primary care physician, his days filled with people, demands and crises since his medical school days. He wanted what he called “peace” – no people, nothing he had to do.

Martha had lived with someone like Harry, rather isolated as a full-time homemaker who did bookkeeping part-time from her home. She rarely saw people, and they entertained infrequently because of her husband’s demanding schedule and reclusive nature. In retirement, when her husband died, Martha wanted lots of people and activities, and getting out and going places.

They both said they wanted to get away from it all, yet one fled to exactly whatrepparttar 126076 other was avoiding. The meta level would tell you they wanted to get away from – what they had been doing before. Since each “before” was different, each “after” was different. So while they were doing different particular things, atrepparttar 126077 meta-level, they were doingrepparttar 126078 same thing.

It’srepparttar 126079 common thread. They both wanted to get away from it all, but they each had their own definition. Was it different from your definition? Each person’s definition is uniquely different; how different, you’d be surprised.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but it’s more complex than that. Each of us lives in our own little planet, and it’s in our heads!

And byrepparttar 126080 way, if understanding what’s going on with other people doesn’t interest you, that’s a given as well. I find allrepparttar 126081 time in training EQ coaches, that some people are interested in insight and meta-cognition, while others aren’t at all. Some want onlyrepparttar 126082 WHAT, and notrepparttar 126083 WHY. Either route can take you to home base. However, gettingrepparttar 126084 WHY allows you to navigate byrepparttar 126085 stars, while only knowingrepparttar 126086 WHAT keeps you map-bound.

It may be easier to accept that other people are different, that to accept that YOU are different. We’re all afterrepparttar 126087 same thing, but our means of getting it, andrepparttar 126088 particulars of what it looks like, could hardly be more different. If you’rerepparttar 126089 kind of person who seeks to understandrepparttar 126090 “why” of other people, look torepparttar 126091 meta level. Findrepparttar 126092 common thread.

When you see something different, ask yourself how it’srepparttar 126093 same. And if you don’t understand at any given level, inquire. I remember planning a vacation with a friend some years ago. “And let’s not get a car,” she said. “I’m sick of allrepparttar 126094 hassle.”

Atrepparttar 126095 time I had a job 20 minutes from my home where I sat at a desk all day, ate lunch inrepparttar 126096 building cafeteria, and then went home and stayed home, as my husband was on-call most ofrepparttar 126097 time. It wasn’t until years later, when I took a job in marketing (which is what my friend did atrepparttar 126098 time ofrepparttar 126099 vacation) and was in my car all day and night that I understood just what a hassle “a car” can be.

Now when someone asks me to take a “vacation” with them, I check it out. If I’m after Broadway shows and fancy restaurants and they want to climb mountains and wear Birkenstocks, we’re in trouble. Using your EQ means understandingrepparttar 126100 emotions that are our motivating factors and learning to work with them.

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