Hall of Shame - The Bad Boys of UCE

Written by CipherTrust

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Andrew Westmoreland

An apparent accomplice of Scott Richter, Westmoreland’s Texas-based company, Internet Access Group Inc., sends millions of spam messages pushing everything from gas to online diploma mills to auto loans and mortgages. His business also operates underrepparttar names Brilliant Marketing, Aphrodite Marketing, OptiGate Networks and Players Exchange Club.

Robert Soloway

Robert Soloway’s Oregon-based company, Newport Internet Marketing Corporation, has sent millions of spam emails and has beenrepparttar 109477 subject of numerous complaints and lawsuits by class action groups and Microsoft.

Soloway’s spam messages often contain get-rich-quick schemes selling (what else?) spam software and “fresh” email addresses. Yes, that’s right folks; you too can send spam to 15 million recipients for just $295. At least that’s whatrepparttar 109478 ad says, but would you want to give your credit card number to someone like this?

Slamrepparttar 109479 Door on Spam

We’ve presented you with just a small sampling ofrepparttar 109480 questionable characters who insist on clogging your inbox with junk email. While these may be some ofrepparttar 109481 most egregious offenders, there are plenty more waiting inrepparttar 109482 wings who would like nothing more than to be considered equally offensive. As these new spammers rise throughrepparttar 109483 ranks, we’ll keep you posted on who they are, and what kind of shady business they’re up to.

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The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

Written by Mustafa K.

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Build a Relationship With Your Goose

You have to concentrate on building an undying relationship with your list. By offering quality content you form a strong relationship with them, which will definitely pay off handsomely inrepparttar future. Because when you create a worthy relationship with them, you start to gain your subscribers trust. Which is byrepparttar 109476 wayrepparttar 109477 hardest thing to gain online.

With time, your readers began to see you as an expert in your field and start to trust you more thanrepparttar 109478 other guys in your field. Any advice given by you will carry a mark of importance and would never be ignored by them.

So basically, it's extremely important that you gain a lot of trust and familiarity with your subscriber list, if you want to make money from it. People always buy from someone they know and have faith in and not from someone who tries to sell them. No one likes to be sold but everyone wants to be recommended. Everyone wants to be helped out.

Don't Kill Your Goose!

Even though it all seems so perfect,repparttar 109479 biggest mistake most ofrepparttar 109480 inexperienced marketers commit is they cut open and kill their goose expecting to find a lot more gold inside.

What I mean by killing your goose is, dont kill your list by sending too many offers promoting everything underrepparttar 109481 sun.

Trying to sell too many products too soon would literally suffocate your list.

Your list hasrepparttar 109482 potential to make you thousands of dollars for years, treat it like you treat someone special. Treat it with respect and dignity and help your subscribers as much as much as you can.

So there you have it, your own goose that lays golden eggs. Just treat it with respect, feed it well and dont even think of cutting it. That's all you need to do to make allrepparttar 109483 gold you want!

Mustafa K. is the co-founder of http://www.rapidfeeds.com , a free online service that helps anyone deliver targeted content to their subscribers through RSS. Sign Up for your FREE account on his site to put an end to blocked messages and add more subscribers.

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