"Had The Winning Bid, did you?"

Written by Jane Fulton

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If you feelrepparttar seller is operating his auctions dishonestly, send an email torepparttar 109470 security staff ofrepparttar 109471 auction's web site. They *will* investigate! The sellers account withrepparttar 109472 auction can be cancelled in this situation. You can also file a complaint withrepparttar 109473 Federal Trade Commission [FTC]. You can complete a complaint form at: http://www.ftc.gov

You can protect yourself when bidding at online auctions by using services that have been around onrepparttar 109474 internet for a while--eBay--Yahoo. R-E-A-Drepparttar 109475 site's buyer protection policies. Do they offer insurance and dispute resolution services? Find out what other purchasers are saying aboutrepparttar 109476 seller. Use a credit card to purchase. You will have more protection and can cancel a transaction up to 30 days after purchase. You may also want to check out an escrow service for expensive items.

Using an escrow service can save you money inrepparttar 109477 long run, especially if you have a large amount of money at stake. Insurance at auctions only go up to a certain amount. An escrow service acts as a middle man. You set-uprepparttar 109478 escrow account and depositrepparttar 109479 money that you andrepparttar 109480 seller agree on. The escrow service will letrepparttar 109481 seller know thatrepparttar 109482 money is there and thenrepparttar 109483 item is shipped. If you are satisfied,repparttar 109484 escrow service releasesrepparttar 109485 money torepparttar 109486 seller. If you aren't satified, letrepparttar 109487 escrow service know and returnrepparttar 109488 item torepparttar 109489 seller. You money will then be returned to you, minusrepparttar 109490 escrow fees for handlingrepparttar 109491 transaction.

Using these techniques will help you have more confidence when bidding on merchandise at auctions.

Happy auctioning!!

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Killing at Animal Humane Societies

Written by John Malcolm Hollander

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Animal Behavior Specialist

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