Hackers And Hoaxes

Written by Trina L.C. Schiller

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Well, I contacted my go-to guy, Jim Gray, owner of Quikonnex, and asked him what his thoughts were. He told me to openrepparttar ini file, in Notepad, and read it. Sure enough, this file did have an association to another program on my system. It is part of ActivEbook Compiler. It was right there in print, atrepparttar 146504 top ofrepparttar 146505 file.

Now had I just freaked out when I foundrepparttar 146506 file, and deletedrepparttar 146507 booger, I would've trashed my ebook compiler, making it useless to me. Two points forrepparttar 146508 hacker who startedrepparttar 146509 hoax!

Hoaxes are just as dangerous as live viruses, because they inspire you to destroy your own programs. I am sure they are a particular kick forrepparttar 146510 one startingrepparttar 146511 hoax, as they are getting you to do bad things to your own system. Fear is a powerful motivator, and hoaxes, by design, are created to cause panic and fear inrepparttar 146512 less experienced Internet traveler.

So, before going and deleting files from your hard drive, go check them out. Do a search for them and readrepparttar 146513 information you find. Don't just go deleting things without learning about them first, or you just may end up cutting your own throat. And, NEVER forward these types of warning emails to others until you know for a fact thatrepparttar 146514 information is correct, or you're likely to have your friends and family after you for misinforming them.

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America's Assassinations

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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In fact financial cronyism and BCCI as well asrepparttar Savings and Loan crisis are all part of why Prescott Bush wanted JFK out ofrepparttar 145692 picture I suspect. In very recent days (2004) there were documents de-classified which show an even more gruesome picture ofrepparttar 145693 Bush involvement in fundingrepparttar 145694 Nazis and some even suggest George Bush was directly involved in managingrepparttar 145695 profits from slave labor at Auschwitz. There are some survivors takingrepparttar 145696 Bush people to court for this. (1) Is it possible that JFK knew enough to stop some of these dealings and was going to come clean as well as endrepparttar 145697 Cold War which was arranged to further benefitrepparttar 145698 Military-Industrial Complex and Merovingian intrigues? Nixon was brought torepparttar 145699 political stage by Prescott Bush but Nixon was also in Dallas onrepparttar 145700 fateful day Kennedy was assassinated. Was Nixon getting a reward?

The involvement of John Foster Dulles (Warren Commission) and his brother Allen (CIA and Rat Lines)seems to suggest a very definite concern on their part about what Kennedy might expose. Knight Woolley was a Skull and Bones member withrepparttar 145701 Bushes and Dulles family and he writes these telling words aboutrepparttar 145702 Brown Bros. Harriman involvements which included Thyssen and Auschwitz. “The Consolidated Silesian Steel Company situation has become increasingly complicated, and I have accordingly brought in Sullivan and Cromwell, in order to be sure that our interests are protected," wrote Knight. "After studyingrepparttar 145703 situation Foster Dulles is insisting that their man in Berlin get intorepparttar 145704 picture and obtainrepparttar 145705 information whichrepparttar 145706 directors here should have. You will recall that Foster is a director and he is particularly anxious to be certain that there is no liability attaching torepparttar 145707 American directors."

The American investors and businesses like IBM who recently had to own up to tracking Jews forrepparttar 145708 Nazis to put them intorepparttar 145709 Concentration Camps were treated with special interest by Hitler. Is this because he wanted America to joinrepparttar 145710 war on his side? You should ask many other questions and try to understand why America and FDR gave Stalin more than 50,000,000 Eastern Europeans afterrepparttar 145711 war as well asrepparttar 145712 Cossacks onrepparttar 145713 side of Germany who fought against that genocidal maniac.

1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1312540,00.html

Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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