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What Is HTML Encryption?

HTML encryption is a method used to protect your website content and source code in JavaScript and Hex Code. Anyone can viewrepparttar source code of a webpage, but withrepparttar 145175 use of HTML Block it encrypts your source code into unreadable code. Which cannot be stolen, neither edited! Plus HTML Block you can protect other file extensions such as ASP, PHP, JSP, SHTML, and XHTML. If you have not got encrypted WebPages you are at a very high risk of your WebPages design and layout being stolen. Now many people say you can't protect your source code in anyway. Well there are wrong now, as a team of experts have developed a special plug-in which you install on your server which stop's other stealing your code, design and images, this amazing plug-in can only be found at HTML Block. So get your hands on a copy today.

Would you like to try out HTML Blocks encryption tool today. We now have a live online demo of our HTML encryption tool which will allow you to encrypt as many WebPages as you like for free. All you need is to be registered with HTML Block. If you are not registered you can register here free.

What Is Website Security?

Website security is now one ofrepparttar 145176 most demanded products by webmasters worldwide. Web page security from HTML Block is essential for your web pages if you have designs, graphics or code you wish to lock away from others. HTML Block has built-in special features which enables you to add security such as disable right click, disable text select, disable image toolbar, disable page caching, disable page printing, disable print screen, disable clipboard and that's onlyrepparttar 145177 start as it packed with many other features. Using free Javascripts which you can download are now no longerrepparttar 145178 way forward, as HTML Block encrypts all its code into unreadable code which is a much higher security level than ever before.

The live online encryption tool is coming soon...

Hide Your Identity With HTML Blocks Anonymous E-mail System

Anonymous e-mail service from HTML Block is now being used by thousands of people from acrossrepparttar 145179 world to protect there real identity, withrepparttar 145180 ability to send others emails with any e-mail address of their choice. This service is far greater thanrepparttar 145181 other ‘fake email services' you can find onrepparttar 145182 web, as you have full control over which IP addressrepparttar 145183 email comes from. Using this service can prevent viruses and spam reaching your inbox, which could harm or destroy data, information on your system. Inrepparttar 145184 worst case even allow others to get access to your personal information and grab information such as, usernames and passwords, home address and bank details. Buy HTML Block today and protect your identity and personal data.

Sounds interesting? Well HTML Block now allows visitors on this site to send as many anonymous emails as they wish fromrepparttar 145185 members area. If you are not currently a member you can get registered here free today.

Key Features Built-in HTML Block

* Quick and easy HTML encryptor * Fast and ultra secure website security * Ability to send anonymous emails from your website * Over 15 different security features

* Hide source code of your web pages * 24hour professional support from our experts * Free lifetime of software upgrades * Full overview of features which are included with HTMLBlock

HTML Block Internet Toolbar

HTML Block now hasrepparttar 145186 latest Internet Toolbar which enables you to receive free updates, news headlines. Fast Internet search, with easy access torepparttar 145187 members area of HTML Block and generally a better internet experience. Downloadrepparttar 145188 HTML Block toolbar today free, clickrepparttar 145189 button below for more information and to download.



Written by Eddie Traversa

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Lets transcriberepparttar above metaphor to a DHTML document that contains a

layer [myLayer] with style attributes [top,left,width,height,z-index,visibility,etc] andrepparttar 105179 layer contains a bit of text "myText" (Note thatrepparttar 105180 visibility attribute is set to hidden)

In Netscaperepparttar 105181 address torepparttar 105182 DIV layer "myLayer" is


in Explorer it is

The W3C way of identifyingrepparttar 105183 address is


To accessrepparttar 105184 properties such as visibility under "myLayer" you would use these addresses.






To changerepparttar 105185 visibility of this layer you would assign a value to your JavaScript address.


document.myLayer.visibility = "visible";

Explorer = "visible";



Nowrepparttar 105186 previously hidden layer is now visible. This is essentially how DHTML works, but understand there are hundreds and hundreds of attribute properties for text, images, documents and windows. Not all these properties are supported in both browser and sometime accessing a property requires a few more hurdles, but if you stick torepparttar 105187 common denominator properties both browser use then life it a bit easier. I recommendrepparttar 105188 excellent DHTML reference book Dynamic HTML - The Definitive Guide by Danny Goodman (O'Riley Books) It lists all ofrepparttar 105189 DHMTL properties and their cross browser compatibilities.

Eddie Traversa DHTML Nirvana is a site dedicated to exploring the possibilites of DHTML. It hosts free graphics, dhtml templates and tutorials. Some of the tutorials emphasis is on Flash/DHTML integration.

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