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Written by Richard Lowe

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If you just want to get your site up and running inrepparttar minimum amount of time and don't want to bother learning HTML, then FrontPage 2000 isrepparttar 118058 editor for you. This editor has just about everything you could ever want, including full WYSIWYG support, dynamic HTML, forms and so on. Onrepparttar 118059 downside, FrontPage 2000 does not support CGI, SSI or PHP at all - in fact, if your site uses CGI then you will note be able to use FrontPage 2000's upload capabilities. Use caution when choosing this editor - while it's great for getting a site up fast, it can be very frustrating for more advanced users, and if you take advantage ofrepparttar 118060 templates you will certainly be labeled an amateur. Also, using any FrontPage special features such as forms requires that your web host have FrontPage extensions installed, which limits your choice of providers.

FrontPage XP [Very expensive]

This is a product which I cannot recommend. Frontpage 2000 was tolerable, FrontPage XP is simply bulky and awkward. I would say Microsoft has made a large step backwards with this product. Out of everything on this list, this is probablyrepparttar 118061 only editor which I would state is not recommended for any application.

Dreamweaver [Very expensive]

Another good choice is Dreamweaver, which in many ways isrepparttar 118062 best editor of them all (at least so far). You can actually combinerepparttar 118063 two (Frontpage and Dreamweaver) to take advantage ofrepparttar 118064 best features of each product. This is fairly expensive, however. Onrepparttar 118065 downside, Dreamweaver has a very high learning curve for most users and it can be cumbersome to perform simple tasks.

Out of all of these editors, probablyrepparttar 118066 most useful all-around program is Arachnophilia. Simple to learn, easy to use, quick to get things up and running. Dreamweaver is highly recommended if you want a WYSIWYG editor, although it can be a difficult program to learn. FrontPage 2000 is acceptable, but stay away from any extensions, templates or special features.

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Written by windsong

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You can check your html code by going to a validation service like Net Mechanic. You will find a link to this and other validation services at: This can be a humbling experience. It checks your code and gives you allrepparttar errors and warnings.

Do your corrections, and check it again. You may have to do this a couple of times to end up with no errors.

There is no reason not to have perfectly clean HTML code. Learnrepparttar 118057 tags and which browers support them, and you are almost home. Then just run it through a validator. Nowrepparttar 118058 world sees your pagerepparttar 118059 way it really is.

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