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A prime example of this involves a case CFI has worked on with a nationwide services company. They suspected a key executive was resigning to work for a competitor and taking confidential files to assist them. Using a pretext they obtained his company laptop in advance of his departure. CFI's analysis revealed hidden email communications with his future employer andrepparttar creation of a confidential Zip archive of files. The company thwartedrepparttar 107811 transfer of data and received a stipulated judgment againstrepparttar 107812 future employer and employee.

Mark McLaughlin has amassed nearly 25 years experience in computer forensic analysis, corporate security investigations, information systems management and law enforcement. He's a frequent lecturer and California State Bar qualified instructor for attorneys on computer forensics.

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Use the HOSTS File to Block Web Sites

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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For example, suppose you want to block a porn site that your teenager has been visiting, you might add an entry likerepparttar one shown below.

Banner ads are usually hosted on an advertiser's domain and linked to sites all overrepparttar 107810 Web. Suppose you want to block annoying banner ads displayed at a site that you visit frequently. You might add an entry likerepparttar 107811 one shown below.

Then when a file from that domain name is requested, instead ofrepparttar 107812 porn site orrepparttar 107813 banner being displayed,repparttar 107814 browser will displayrepparttar 107815 message "The Page Cannot be Displayed".

When you saverepparttar 107816 HOSTS file after editing, make sure thatrepparttar 107817 file name does not have an extension. Sometimes Windows Notepad addsrepparttar 107818 extention .txt.

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