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3.Be Clear. Be Logical. Be Brief. Donít be brief atrepparttar expense of being misunderstood. Clarity starts with you. Clear answers to your prospects overriding question... What can you do for me?...will lead to understanding and sales.

4.Maintain Control. Never sit between two buyers. Donít letrepparttar 136772 prospect read ahead or thumb through your visual aids until youíre ready for him to. Askrepparttar 136773 prospect to instruct his secretary to hold all calls during your presentation. (It takes guts to sell.)

5.Seek Change of Pace. Put bounce in your voice. Change pace, tempo, and volume. Ask lots of questions. Get verbal confirmation of agreement at each stage ofrepparttar 136774 presentation.

6.Prepare For Interruptions. Donít be flustered or thrown off balance. Expect interruptions and use them to summarize key sales points.

7.Involve The Prospect. Giverepparttar 136775 prospect something to feel, handle, manipulate, examine. Letrepparttar 136776 prospect mentally take possession of your product or service.

8.Gauge Your Progress. Progress should be measured in terms of understanding. No sale. The morerepparttar 136777 prospect agrees with you,repparttar 136778 more progress you are making.

9.Give A Complete Sales Talk Every Time. Your presentation must perform four important functions: (A) Winrepparttar 136779 prospects attention, (B) hold his interest, (C) persuade and convince him ofrepparttar 136780 rightness of your proposition, and (D) prove that a buying decision is a logical step for him to take.

10.Seek A Buying Action...Expect To Close. A good presentation naturally leads to a buying decision. Make it easy forrepparttar 136781 customer to buy. If your prospect was properly qualified and your sales presentation on target, you will findrepparttar 136782 selling process goes quickly and easily.

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Overcoming Sales Objections for Small Business Networks

Written by Joshua Feinberg

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So while any of these factors can turn apathy into your opportunity, sometimes a little divine intervention steps in to help you in overcoming sales objections.

One day a lightning storm and blackout pushes your client's "server" overrepparttar edge. When power's restored,repparttar 136420 server cannot even boot up to its welcome or logon screen. So now,repparttar 136421 small business owner is scrambling withrepparttar 136422 internal guru at 2 a.m. trying to restorerepparttar 136423 company's corrupted contact management database, which contains 25,000 records and three years of data.

Fear of Catastrophic Data Loss and Overcoming Sales Objections

Situations such as catastrophic data loss, although horrible tragedies for those affected, are great motivators for combating apathy and overcoming sales objections. All of a sudden,repparttar 136424 small business owner becomes extremely receptive to your suggestions about your proposed networking solution, which of course features centralized security and data protection.

Discontinued technical support is another powerful counterforce for overcoming apathy-rooted sales objections, especially when you're talking about vertical, industry- specific software, such as niche applications designed for accountants, attorneys, physicians, realtors, auto body shops and restaurants.

After a certain point,repparttar 136425 independent software vendor (ISV) selling vertical, industry-specific software draws a line inrepparttar 136426 sand and stops providing technical support, annual updates, and patches for older versions of their product.

So if your client is an accounting firm that needs updated tax tables (they'd basically be out of business without them), your client is forced to upgraderepparttar 136427 tax software, which often in turn forces an upgrade ofrepparttar 136428 server. This results in a call to your firm to upgrade their server (and several related highly lucrative product sales and service opportunities for your firm), all as a result ofrepparttar 136429 "domino effect" from an ISV callingrepparttar 136430 shots.

With this kind of scenario, you donít even need to do much ofrepparttar 136431 work in overcoming this sales objection. Your prospectís, customerís, or clientís vertical ISV has donerepparttar 136432 "heavy lifting" so to speak in overcoming sales objections.

So besides fears of unreliable systems and vendor-mandated upgrades, you can also overcome apathy by discussing your prospect's, customerís or client's competition (without naming names, of course). If you work with many small businesses inrepparttar 136433 same industry, and you're seeing a software or more general technology trend that drastically altersrepparttar 136434 competitive landscape in your prospect's or client's industry, by all means call this to your prospect's or client's attention, as a means of overcoming sales objections.

The Bottom Line

If you sell and service IT-related products to small businesses, you need to develop your sales skills for overcoming sales objections. This article introduces you to three different major categories of small business IT sales objections and helps you understand simple anecdotal closing strategies for overcoming those sales objections... and most importantly, closing more big-ticket sales.

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