Written by Beka Ruse

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You've come so far - you've laid out exactly whatrepparttar product is and how it will help your unique audience. Now, sealrepparttar 129624 deal - tell your readers to purchaserepparttar 129625 product!

This step may sound strange, but it's necessary. Often, people hear about a product and are genuinely interested, but fail to actually make a purchase. A clear call to a simple action cuts down on buyer ambivalence. Don't be pushy - just change your verb tenses torepparttar 129626 imperative. Instead of:

"If you think that you fit this profile, you might want to think about buying Green Garden Lawn Fertilizer."


"Click here to order Green Garden Lawn Fertilizer today."

-------------------------- AN EYE FOR CONTINUITY --------------------------

More and more opt-in e-mail is being sent aroundrepparttar 129627 Internet. Remind your prospect that he requested your messages by keeping an eye on continuity.

Start and end each message in a similar way. Atrepparttar 129628 top, let your prospect know who you are, why he is getting e-mail from you, and where he is inrepparttar 129629 follow up sequence. This can be as simple as saying:

"Last week, you requested more information about Green Garden Fertilizer..."

Then, end each message with your own contact information. Use your autoresponder's personalization features to list details about your lead. Also, include a way forrepparttar 129630 lead to unsubscribe. For example:

"This message was sent to Dusty Dan at On April 5th, Dusty Dan requested information about Green Garden Fertilizer. Questions? Call us at 000-000-0000. Or, to unsubscribe, click here."

-------------------------- CREATE WITH CONFIDENCE --------------------------

Don't sweat over follow up messages - your prospects are waiting for you! Print and followrepparttar 129631 guidelines in this article, and follow up with confidence.

Beka Ruse is the Business Development Manager at AWeber Communications. Experience the acclaimed customer support and reliability of AWeber autoresponders.

How to Write a Million Dollar Sales Letter

Written by Bruce Barton

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Let's look at these three steps a little more closely.

Brevity. A short letter isn't necessarily what Barton meant. I've read many of his letters and memos. Most of them were so brief they were blunt. But those were not sales letters. When Barton wanted to persuade you to donate money to a good cause or buy something he was selling, his letters were longer, sometimes several pages long. (Again, see that sample letter in The Seven Lost Secrets Of Success.) Barton knew you had to give people a complete explanation before they would buy.

Simplicity. Barton's letters were always simple and easy to read. He strove for clarity of communication. No big words, long sentences, or convoluted passages. He was clear and direct and conversational.

Sincerity. Barton was always sincere. He once dropped a million dollar advertising account because he didn't supportrepparttar client. That sincerity came through in everything he wrote. Readers could pick up on it.

Finally, Barton's letters were "... phrased in terms ofrepparttar 129622 other man's interest." Barton said your letters had to go straight torepparttar 129623 reader's selfish interest. He saidrepparttar 129624 favorite song of every reader is "I Love Me." As Barton said in 1924, "The reader is interested first of all in himself... Tie your appeal up to his own interests."

The next time you have to write a sales letter, consider Barton's formula. It helped him write letters that are still talked about today, and it helps me write letters that are making my clients rich. Now use it and see whatrepparttar 129625 formula will do for YOU!

Vadim Rachkowan President SellWide Corporation

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