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Controversial books are radioactive If a work sparks debate, interest inrepparttar book will skyrocket. Why? Readers want to know what makesrepparttar 129445 work controversial. So it becomes a case of one man’s meat and another man’s poison.

Controversial works are easy to write. Sometimes, only a sentence or two is enough to generaterepparttar 129446 debate that is needed to sell a book. Ask Salman Rushdie, author of SATANIC VERSES. But note that a controversial work need not be scandalous or defamatory. You also have to be careful not to offend, like writing THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SATAN.

Readers are looking for Doomsday Books Yes, apocalyptic literature are best-sellers any day. And disciples of Nostradamus are on hand to whet their appetite. Doomsday writers lined their pockets with cash, writing aboutrepparttar 129447 end ofrepparttar 129448 world, atrepparttar 129449 dawn ofrepparttar 129450 millennium. Yet,repparttar 129451 world did not end. But that does not mean that interest inrepparttar 129452 final hour has waned, for once in a while people get jittery aboutrepparttar 129453 onslaught of a wandering, earth-bound, comet.

So, if you have a fondness for figures and come out withrepparttar 129454 date forrepparttar 129455 final destiny ofrepparttar 129456 world, and even provide escape for those who want to survive, you will be a celebrity overnight. After all, George Orwell did it with 1984, andrepparttar 129457 world waited in apprehension. That year has now been consigned torepparttar 129458 dustbin of history.

Spiritual Books are echo Bibles Many are now seeking spiritual help outsiderepparttar 129459 Bible, and this is creating a new market for faith writers. Among them is Iyanla Vanzant who wrote YESTERDAY I CRIED. These brand of writers are offering spiritual help to victims of child abuse, rape, broken marriages andrepparttar 129460 like. Sincerepparttar 129461 list of such victims is growing, it is understandable why this genre has become a favorite for writers.

The choice is now yours So, what would you like to write about? A general interest, success, or mystery book? Or do you like controversial, doomsday or spiritual subjects? Or a combination of two or more ofrepparttar 129462 above?

After you have made that decision,repparttar 129463 next thing to do is to put your thought on paper. Yes, I am talking aboutrepparttar 129464 development of your best-seller.

You have no cause to worry. Let me share with you my practical writing experience forrepparttar 129465 past twenty years. It can be exciting and enjoyable, as you will see inrepparttar 129466 next chapter.

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ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 129468 World, isrepparttar 129469 author ofrepparttar 129470 best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. Download your copy and FREE excerpt at : For FREE writing helps, mailto :

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.


Written by ARTHUR ZULU

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3. Tone The tone of your work should be personal and friendly. Yes,repparttar informal style is recommended as opposed torepparttar 129444 formal and impersonal tone. Refer to yourself as “I”. Address your reader as “you”. Use “we” or “us” to refer to your reader and yourself.

So, userepparttar 129445 tone that you would use to speak to your friend. But do not be too informal or slangy. However, you should use appropriate tone for your characters -- formal, semi – formal, informal, colloquial and slang, depending on their educational background.

Also, avoid offensive languages such as racist overtones. Remember that you intend your work to be read by all nations, tribes, people, tongues and sexes. If thenrepparttar 129446 tone of your work is biased, you would lose readership.

4. Distance Suppose you walked to an uneducated criminal and told him that he was under cardiac arrest. What would he think? I guess he would think a crack team of police was after him. And run!

But if you told him he had heart disease, and you are a doctor; would he run? No. He would come closer to get cure. So it is with writing.

It is notrepparttar 129447 language you use as a doctor in a seminar ofrepparttar 129448 College of Surgeons or as a scientist in a space ship full of astronomers, that you use when talking torepparttar 129449 common man. The tone of your language, therefore, dictatesrepparttar 129450 distance between you, and your reader.

Ifrepparttar 129451 distance is far, your reader may feel you don’t consider him; and put your book away. But ifrepparttar 129452 distance is close, he will be happy to read on.

5.Figures of Speech Figures of speech or imagery should be used with care as they tend to be abstract. But when carefully used, they enhancerepparttar 129453 beauty of your language.

You do not need to read a book of Figures of Speech to know them, because it is part of your daily expressions.

Let’s look atrepparttar 129454 story ofrepparttar 129455 fight scene again to see if we can find some there: The police and a madman could not stoprepparttar 129456 fight (irony), you were catapulted by a missile uprepparttar 129457 bridge (humor), you followed a snake torepparttar 129458 river (hyperbole), and waited forrepparttar 129459 Queen (climax).

If you, therefore, writerepparttar 129460 way you speak, your peculiar language and style will be manifest.

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Aboutrepparttar 129461 Author:

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 129462 World, isrepparttar 129463 author ofrepparttar 129464 best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. Download your copy and FREE excerpt at : For FREE writing helps, mailto :

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best – selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.

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