Written by James L. Snyder

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Forrepparttar next 2 hours, I searched in vain for Philip. He was nowhere to be found in that hospital. I was beginning to think I was inrepparttar 118171 wrong hospital. Then, fortunately for me, I remembered that although everyone called him Philip, it was his middle name. His first name was Michael.

It is amazing how usingrepparttar 118172 right name opens up allrepparttar 118173 right doors. In a few minutes, I had locatedrepparttar 118174 ever-elusive Michael Philip Jones. He was in room 622 and I spent a few minutes with him reading some scripture and then had a time of prayer with him.

Walking out Philip quietly said, “Thanks, pastor, you’ll never know what this means to me.” This is usually allrepparttar 118175 gratification a pastor really needs.

I left Philip’s room with a marvelous feeling of accomplishment and headed forrepparttar 118176 parking lot and my car. Pulling out ofrepparttar 118177 hospital parking lot that old nagging feeling returned. I could not forrepparttar 118178 life of me figure out what I was missing. I just knew it was something.

As I pulled into my driveway, I glanced at my watch. It was just a little after 7:30. Reaching forrepparttar 118179 door to exitrepparttar 118180 car, it finally dawned on me what I had forgotten. The ice cream cake. There it was onrepparttar 118181 front seat and I noticed around one corner there was some leakage. I openedrepparttar 118182 lid and, as I thought,repparttar 118183 ice cream cake was completely melted with tiny bits of colored icing floating onrepparttar 118184 top. The ice cream cake had been in my hot car for almost 2½ hours.

The inevitable had become uneatable.

Carefully, so not to spill anything on my car seat, I carriedrepparttar 118185 thawed ice cream cake surprise, into my wife who thought itrepparttar 118186 funniest thing she had seen in a lifetime.

Intentions are good, even those that do not turn out as expected. It truly isrepparttar 118187 thought that counts in many cases.

Putting her resourceful mind torepparttar 118188 task,repparttar 118189 Mistress ofrepparttar 118190 Parsonage pulled this disaster out ofrepparttar 118191 proverbial dumpster and rescuedrepparttar 118192 evening as only she could. The incident reminded me of what Paul,repparttar 118193 Apostle said. "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13 KJV). If you don’t give in or give up, there is always a solution to every quandary.

Romance is two people in love with two straws sipping liquefied ice cream cake out ofrepparttar 118194 same box byrepparttar 118195 light of flickering candles. Romance is not defined in a day or even an incident, but a relationship that endures these things and more.

Much more.

Award winning author and popular columnist living in Ocala, FL


Written by Victoria Elizabeth

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And as every “victualer” knows, you will certainly need a nifty name for your tacky tavern besides, “Stickey Wicket Pub”, “Waddling Dog” or “Toad-in-the-Hole” (which are already taken). So if you’re leisure-challenged like I am, you might want to have a wee peek atrepparttar 118170 "Random Tavern Name Generator". You might not likerepparttar 118171 "Tippling Twitmeister Taproom" but perhaps one ofrepparttar 118172 following gems might strike your fancy:

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So, as they say in sci-fi movies, “Mayrepparttar 118173 Force Be With You”, as you drive home tonight withrepparttar 118174 help of a trusty taxi coupon or a designated driving dude/damsel.


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