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1. Ask basic questions about families and homes. Suggest items that would fit their lifestyle or decor. 2. Suggest that a guest can "earn" a gift she particularly wants for "free" by hosting a party. 3. Never high-pressure a guest into having a show. 4. If you don't haverepparttar answer to a guest's question, simply noterepparttar 141698 guest's name and phone number and call them at home withrepparttar 141699 answer. This gives you more time to talk torepparttar 141700 guest and does not take valuable time away from other guests duringrepparttar 141701 party.

Finishing Up Guest Orders It should take about 10 minutes for allrepparttar 141702 guests' Order Forms to be completed. As soon as you have gathered allrepparttar 141703 orders and remittances, it's time to awardrepparttar 141704 Host her free gift if your program is set up for it. In some cases you won't actually haverepparttar 141705 gift with you since some companies suppliythe incentives gift free of charge based on party performance. However, you can still make it a point to present her with a certificate. Note: Make sure you do this beforerepparttar 141706 gusts leave. It's a strong incentive to host a party.

Getting Paid: Be prepared to accept cash payments (have some change on hand) along with checks. Many guests will probably want to write a check, so be sure they makerepparttar 141707 check out to you or your company's name, whichever you prefer. Since most guests are well known torepparttar 141708 party host, you don't need to worry too much about "bouncing" checks. If a problem comes up, it will be easy enough to contact that guest and let them know their check didn't clear.

Policy Tip: You might want to hold off on ordering merchandise until each check has cleared. Of course, if you have a merchant account you can accept credit card payments as well.

How To End The Show After allrepparttar 141709 orders have been taken and you've signed up some future . hosts, run through this checklist:

1. Each guest should have a copy of his or her completed order form. 2. Give all future hosts their Open House Host Guides. 3. Get names and addresses of guests who had solid reasons for not booking shows immediately. They are still good future prospects, and excellent names for your mailing list. 4. Be sure all display samples are back in boxes and all packed up.

Good Practice: Make it a point to visit or callrepparttar 141710 Hostrepparttar 141711 following day to express your appreciation for their hospitality.

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Who Else Wants To Start A Low Cost Home Business And Become Self-employed?

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Moving services are also a good choice fromrepparttar list of low cost home businesses. Do you know anyone who wouldnít love to have someone else dorepparttar 141515 heavy lifting when it comes to moving? Didnít think so. Plus, theyíre willing to pay big bucks for someone else to do it! Also, this is an especially great home business if you live near a college or university. If you like physical activity, a moving services business might just berepparttar 141516 ticket for you.

If having fun is more what you have in mind consider becoming a party planner. You can plan parties ranging from childrenís birthday parties to gala events for large local corporations in your area. The terrific thing about this low cost home business is that you get to go to lots of parties! After all, you simply must be at those parties to make sure all those little details you planned for so carefully are attended to correctly!

The list for low cost start up businesses could go on for days. Hopefully, youíve foundrepparttar 141517 one for you or have gottenrepparttar 141518 idea for one from this brief guide. The main thing you want to remember when choosingrepparttar 141519 business thatís right for you is to consider your likes and dislikes.

After all, itís going to be your business and youíll be spending lots of time at it, so make sure itís something you enjoy. After you make your choice, make a plan forrepparttar 141520 things you need to do to get your business up and running. Follow it, and before you know it,repparttar 141521 checks will be filling up your mailbox!

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