Written by Oscar Bruce

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I 'LL BET YOUR'VE NEVER HAD THIS EXPERIENCE... Someone introduces themselves to you. Then you tell them your name. Suddenly you realize you can not recall their name. Why does this happen so often? Simple, you didn't forget their name - you never really heard it inrepparttar first place! You still had yourself inrepparttar 126359 middle ofrepparttar 126360 picture.

Most people do not listen withrepparttar 126361 intent to understand - they listen withrepparttar 126362 intent to reply or impress. This is never successful becauserepparttar 126363 mind does not have simultaneous capability. Therefore, if you are contemplating your next statement, you are not focusing on his words, tones and actions.

In order to read a person like a book, you must get them to open up, get them talking. Getting people to open up is a skill that you can learn.

A skilled conversationalist uses specific question in three different categories.

(1) Conversation starters. (2) Personal questions. (3) Philosophical questions).

Once you've mastered a small inventory of optional question you can switch categories to controlrepparttar 126364 outcome.

He who does not askrepparttar 126365 right questions always hearsrepparttar 126366 wrong answers.

An unclear question has an infinite number of possible answers.

Many say that information isrepparttar 126367 path to power. The wealthiest people will tell you that it's their ability to make wise choices in dealing with people that is their greatest asset. And that when they did make mistakes, it was often disastrous for them socially and financially.

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How to Use Human Nature To Dramatically Increase Sales

Written by Bob Davies

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When I walked into that hotel room, what did I pay attention to? Did I see repparttar telephone and think about checking my voice mails? Did I seerepparttar 126358 closet space and think about hanging up my garment bag. No! I sawrepparttar 126359 mini bar and thought aboutrepparttar 126360 food!

Where isrepparttar 126361 pain here? The pain is that I am hungry. Where isrepparttar 126362 comfort? The comfort is inrepparttar 126363 food. So what will human nature drive me to do? The obvious answer is, eat! But what about my commitment to weight control?

It doesnít matter. All human performance is eitherrepparttar 126364 avoidance of pain, or repparttar 126365 seeking of comfort. Pain isrepparttar 126366 hunger, comfort isrepparttar 126367 mini bar!

For years I had a problem with my weight. I kept using willpower to eat less but it never would last very long. Human natures compelling forces of avoiding pain and seeking comfort are far more powerful than great intentions and willpower. Human nature will always win!

Since human nature is all powerful and will always be working in my life, I wonder if there is a way to get human nature to work for me instead of against me...

Finally,repparttar 126368 solution hit me like a gust of cold air on a still night! Stop fighting human nature. Since I will always be driven to avoid pain and to seek comfort, then I need to associate pain withrepparttar 126369 mini bar and comfort with staying out ofrepparttar 126370 mini bar.

Hereís how! I told five of my coaching clients that if I go intorepparttar 126371 mini bar on my trip then I will pay each of them $250. Thatís $1,250 if I go intorepparttar 126372 mini bar!

Now, where isrepparttar 126373 pain!

I had finally figured it out! I linked pain torepparttar 126374 behavior I wanted to avoid, and pleasure torepparttar 126375 action I wanted to have!


The five people I told I knew would hold me accountable. I even suspected that one of them would actually callrepparttar 126376 hotel and tell them he was fromrepparttar 126377 FBI and needed a copy of my room bill!

Look atrepparttar 126378 dynamic I had. I had a specific action: (no mini bar) combined with accountability ($1,250 fine).

That isrepparttar 126379 elite performance formula. You can do this yourself and I promise you that overrepparttar 126380 next seven days you will findrepparttar 126381 opportunity to takerepparttar 126382 action you commit to as long as you linkrepparttar 126383 not doing it to pain, andrepparttar 126384 taking ofrepparttar 126385 action to comfort. In many cases,repparttar 126386 avoidance ofrepparttar 126387 pain becomesrepparttar 126388 comfort.

Apply this to your prospecting. Commit to making so many calls this week. Make sure that this number is a realistic number that you should be able to do. Make this commitment to another person, put a fine on it, and enjoy your week!

Here is what you will find out atrepparttar 126389 end ofrepparttar 126390 week.

It was easy! Do this for just one activity every week and you will be quite impressed when Dec. 31 rolls around!

Bob Davies, M.Ed Psychology, MCC (Master Certified Coach) High Performance Training, Inc. 20992 Ashley Lane Lake Forest, Ca 92630 949-830-9192

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