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Professional people such as doctors and dentists are known to have a tendency to join occupational investment groups. The next time you talk with your doctor or dentist, give him a prospectus and explain your plan. He may want to invest on his own or perhaps set up an appointment for you to talk withrepparttar manager of his investment group. Either way, you win because when you're looking for money, it's essential that you getrepparttar 116925 word out to as many potential investors as possible.

Don't overlookrepparttar 116926 possibilities ofrepparttar 116927 Small Business Investment Companies in your area. Look them up in your telephone book under "Investment Services." These companies exist forrepparttar 116928 sole purpose of lending money to businesses which they feel have a good chance of making money. In many instances, they trade their help for a small interest in your company.

Many states have Business Development Commissions whose goal is to assist inrepparttar 116929 establishment and growth of new businesses. Not only do they offer favorable taxes and business expertise, most also offer money or facilities to help a new business get started. Your Chamber of Commerce isrepparttar 116930 place to check for further information on this idea.

Industrial banks are usually much more amenable to making business loans than regular banks, so be sure to check out these institutions in your area. Insurance companies are prime sources of long term business capital, but each company varies its policies regardingrepparttar 116931 type of business it will consider. Check your local agent forrepparttar 116932 name and address ofrepparttar 116933 person to contact. It's also quite possible to getrepparttar 116934 directors of an other company to invest in your business. Look for a company that can benefit from your product or service. Also, be sure to check at your public library for available foundation grants. These can berepparttar 116935 final answer to all your money needs if your business is perceived to be related torepparttar 116936 objectives and activities ofrepparttar 116937 foundation.

Finally, there'srepparttar 116938 Money Broker or Finder. These arerepparttar 116939 people who take your prospectus and circulate it with various known lenders or investors. They always require an up-front or retainer fee, and there's no way they can guarantee to get yourepparttar 116940 loan orrepparttar 116941 money you want.

There are many very good money brokers, and there are some that are not so good. They all take a percentage ofrepparttar 116942 gross amount that's finally procured for your needs. The important thing is to check them out fully; find out aboutrepparttar 116943 successful loans or investment plans they've arranged, and what kind of investor contacts they have - all of this before you put up any front money or pay any retainer fees.

There are many ways to raise money - from staging garage sales to selling stocks. Don't makerepparttar 116944 mistake of thinking thatrepparttar 116945 only place you can findrepparttar 116946 money you need is throughrepparttar 116947 bank or finance company.

Start thinking aboutrepparttar 116948 idea of inviting investors to share in your business as silent partners. Think aboutrepparttar 116949 idea of obtaining financing for a primary business by arranging financing for another business that will supportrepparttar 116950 start-up, establishment and development ofrepparttar 116951 primary business. Considerrepparttar 116952 feasibility of merging with a company that's already organized, and with facilities that are compatible or related to your needs. Give some thought torepparttar 116953 possibilities of gettingrepparttar 116954 people supplying your production equipment to co-signrepparttar 116955 loan you need for start-up capital.

Remember, there are thousands upon thousands of ways to obtain business start-up capital. This is trulyrepparttar 116956 age of creative financing.

Disregardrepparttar 116957 stories you hear of "tight money," and start making phone calls, talking to people, and making appointments to discuss your plans withrepparttar 116958 people who have money to invest. There's more money now than there's ever been for new business investment. The problem is that most beginning "business builders" don't know what to believe or which way to turn for help. They tend to believerepparttar 116959 stories of "tight money," and they set aside their plans for a business of their own until a time when start-up money might be easier to find.

The truth is this: Now isrepparttar 116960 time to make your move. Now isrepparttar 116961 time to act. The person with a truly viable business plan, and determination to succeed, will make use of every possible idea that can be imagined. Andrepparttar 116962 ideas I've suggested here should serve as just a few ofrepparttar 116963 unlimited sources of monetary help available and waiting for you!

Resource Box --------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Purfield ownsrepparttar 116964 Wealth System Online Resource Directory where you can find everything you need to start,run and grow a home based internet business at: -------------------------------------------------------------

Kevin Purfield owns the Wealth System Online Resource Directory where you can find everything you need to start,run and grow a home based internet business at:

Are Cell Phones Reliable?

Written by Sharon Housley

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If sending messages immediately to a cell phone or pager is required, more reliable protocols are available. When sending text messages, via a modem,repparttar Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) is extremely dependable, albeit slower due torepparttar 116924 modem dialing. If sending messages with a high-speed Internet connection userepparttar 116925 newer time sensitive Internet protocols: Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) and Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol (WCTP). If your carrier supports these protocols they arerepparttar 116926 better options for sending important messages.

If carriers understandrepparttar 116927 "now" generation is about speed and reliability, customer satisfaction will improve. Text messaging is a reliable and useful communication method, especially since voice is not always convenient or possible. With public awareness and urging, carriers will increase their offerings of text messaging protocols. Carriers should offer email or SMTP, but they must also support time sensitive protocols, regardless, of whetherrepparttar 116928 protocols are older such as TAP or newer such as WCTP.

Resources - Carriers supporting SNPP - Carriers supporting WCTP -

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